Whether you were lucky enough to go to Coachella or not, you definitely couldn't go on ANY form of social media without seeing stories, snaps, Instagrams, or tweets from Coachella Valley. From news of #Beychella to The Weeknd reportedly bursting into tears onstage, you couldn't escape the California-based music festival, even if you were thousands of miles away.

Our FAVORITE thing to come from the festival, however — besides Queen Bey, of course — was the style. While most style roundups feature plenty of slim bodies in bikinis and culturally-appropriative headdresses, this year was about celebrating all bodies and all forms of nakedness. Here are what some of your favorite plus-size influencers wore to Coachella. 

If Bey said we're wearing yellow tops and denim booty shorts, WE ARE WEARING YELLOW TOPS AND BOOTY SHORTS.

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Barbie vibes all summer long.

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Also, J.Lo vibes.

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OK, Lizzo, we get it. You can slay Coachella.

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Those SHOES.

Coachella was the perfect time to incorporate a red-orange dress.

Booties are welcome.

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Or just go like Candice Kelly and rock a bikini.

This highlight, though.

Black mesh is a year-round staple.

All white everything is always a trend.

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If you can't wear fringe at Coachella, when CAN you?

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Summer ~vibes.~

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In short, this summer (and Coachella) is all about doing you!

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Keep being flawless.

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