These days, celebrity Instagram feeds are more like editorial spreads than honest depictions of their lives. Every photo is perfectly curated and edited, so that literally no one has to see the truth behind the makeup, lighting and filters.

Instead of simply accepting celebs as these all-perfect beings, one comedian decided to recreate their over-the-top photos – and the results are totally on point.

At first glance, Kate Casey is a working mom and comedian. 


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She's an author, podcast host, and blogger. (A busy bee, to say the least.)

But Casey has now become known as the "Same, right?" girl on Instagram after she began mimicking celebrity photos in a more realistic way.

Casey adds a funny caption to each of the photos, plus a sarcastic "Same, right?" to mock the fact that her photo is most definitely nothing like the celebrity's.

She finds the most ridiculous celeb photos (ones where they look perfect, of course) and gives them her own realistic spin.

@gwynethpaltrow and I both enjoy summer. Same, right? #sameright

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Nothing is off limits or impossible.

@theprettymess and I live parallel lives. Same, right?

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Her photos show that Instagram and reality are *very* different, especially when celebs have teams of people to help them look their best on camera.

Plus, as many know, the life of a busy mom isn't always so luxurious.

I also appreciate luxury motors. @mariahcarey - Same, right?

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The paps always somehow manage to photograph her at the most inconvenient times.

But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, amirite?

Casual driveway pose before a business meeting. Same, right? #sameright

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