It's hard enough for celebrities to have a body outside of Hollywood's ideal standards; it's even worse when they shed a couple of pounds and are immediately scrutinized. It seems like people are never satisfied with the way they look.

For one reason or another, these stars lost weight and were shamed, called out, or blacklisted by the curvy community. 

Ashley Graham

ashley graham
photo: Splash

When Ashley Graham hit the modeling scene a few years ago, she was embraced by fellow plus-size women everywhere. Graham has showed off every curve and every inch of cellulite since then, but started getting criticized for working out and eating healthy earlier last year.

Truth is, the model always led a healthy lifestyle and hitting the gym once in a while is far from "abandoning" the plus-size movement.

Crystal Renn

crystal renn
photo: Splash

Renn, 31, was called a plus-size model until she lost a significant amount of weight (due to struggles with anorexia) in 2009. Her weight fluctuations are still a major point of contention, despite the model promoting a healthy body image in recent years.

Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson
photo: Splash

The former "American Idol" singer went from a size 16 to a size 6, and with that came some unwanted criticism

Kelly Osbourne

kelly osbourne
photo: Splash

Osbourne got her health in check after realizing she was known as the "fat one" on her family's reality TV show in the early 2000s. Yet after dropping pounds, her Instagram is still filled with inquiries about her body.

Meghan Trainor

meghan trainor
photo: Splash

Despite claiming to lose weight "the healthy way," Trainor's fans troll her for losing "that bass" that got her famous.

Lena Dunham

lena dunham
photo: Splash

Dunham's body is constantly being criticized, whether it's naked and curvier on "Girls" or thinner-looking on the red carpet. Apparently, fans aren't OK with seeing her weight fluctuate as a result of stress and her struggles with endometriosis. 

Gabby Sidibe 

gabby sidibe
photo: Splash

Sidibe has never, ever apologized for her curves, but chose to undergo weight loss surgery to better her overall health. After surgery, she was called out by some for "taking the easy way out" instead of going the natural route.

Amy Schumer

amy schumer
photo: Splash

After years of being known as an "overweight" person in Hollywood, Schumer dedicated some time and effort to losing weight, which was only brought additional criticism that she still wasn't perfect enough.

Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardashian
photo: Splash

Kardashian was known as the "fat sister" before getting her own revenge body on in recent years. Apparently, fans aren't satisfied – her Insta comments and Twitter mentions are filled with comments like, "I think you're hotter when you weren't so skinny."

Mariah Carey

mariah carey
photo: Splash

Carey chose to go under the knife to shed a couple of pounds, which resulted in some trolls shaming her choice.

Mama June

mama june weight loss
photo: Splash

People blasted this reality star for using her fame and money to lose over 300 pounds with weight loss surgery, despite having health issues.

Ariel Winter

ariel winter
photo: Splash

Winter's fat-shaming horror stories began at the age of 11 when she first started on "Modern Family." And yet, she's still picked apart for maintaining a healthy weight. "I know its good to be fit and all, i know you do whatever you want with your body and im not criticizing anything or anyone, but please Ariel, do not get thin or skinny," one recent Instagram comment said.