My idea of a bra fitting is someone wrapping measuring tape around my boobs and sticking me smack dab between two totally arbitrary sizes. 

Curvy Kate is looking to change all that by releasing a chatbot that will guess someone's bra size without any tape at all — all it needs is a photo.

Curvy Kate's resident Bra Whisperer will help determine your size based on three photos.

Chantelle Crabb, the Bra Whisperer, will determine what cup size you need just by looking at three photos of you and an ordinary bra. The first photo has to feature your boobs straight-on, the second should be a back photo, and the third should be a profile shot.

Don't worry, the photos aren't going anywhere.

The photos aren't saved and won't be passed on to any other parties. You and your boobs are safe.

Don't think you need a new size? You're probably wrong.

The team fitted over 2,000 women and over 96% required new sizes, according to the New York Post

The biggest issue? Women were opting for bras that were two back sizes too big and three cup sizes too small.

Bra Whisperer fittings are only available via chat and email.

If you're looking for a quick answer, pop in to Curvy Kate's chat between 8 pm and 10 pm GMT on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. If that time doesn't work for you, shoot them an email — just be prepared to wait up to two weeks for an answer.

That's totally fine, as long as no one comes near me with measuring tape ever again.