With every new school year comes headlines about young women being shamed over their attire.

Whether it be a teacher, a principal, or the whole damn internet, the shamers seem to multiply rather than dwindle. Recently, when a high school dance team stepped out in the fiercest outfits, Twitter was pretty cruel.

This high school dance team was slut shamed after performing at a football game in their uniforms.

The Miami Northwestern Senior High dance team's uniform features long-sleeve crop tops underneath a cutout leotard with lace tights. Fierce, right?

Some on Twitter decided to use their time to hate on the dancers.

Complete strangers started attacking the team over the lace tights, claiming that they were "too sexual" for students to wear.

These girls were publicly name-called. Their mothers and fathers had their parenting questioned. All of this because of a tight design that looks like garters.

But out of the darkness, a total lightening bolt hit with this student's fire response.

"And they're all on the honor roll" is officially the clapback of the YEAR.

The dance team's choreographer, Traci Young-Byron (former star of Lifetime's "Step It Up"), shared her thoughts about the matter in an Instagram post.

"TEACHABLE MOMENT! So are they strippers in training and trash also? Are their fathers absent from their lives? Are their mothers stupid? Inquiring minds wanna know? These talented beauties are clearly under the age of 10. Is their attire also inappropriate? None of them have on any tights. I'm just trying to figure some of you Black folk out. You see...because I'm a dancer...a real one, I know that these are nothing more than costumes. Costumes that are creative but most importantly, appropriate dance attire that allow for movement w/o restriction. Does it make these little girls hoes? Does it make their directors trash? For the record, I'll never see anything wrong with these images/costumes. #WeGottaDoBetter #TheKidsArentSexualYourBrainsAre," Young-Byron wrote. 

The school principal also issued a statement regarding the costumes.

"While all the parents of the dancers who participated in the event approved of the attire, we understand the concerns that have been raised, and sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused," principal Wallace Aristide said. "Looking ahead, we will implement a more comprehensive and stringent uniform approval process to ensure an appropriate representation of our school."

Regardless of your opinion about the costumes, the debate highlights a much bigger issue that needs to be addressed.

I agree that it's time to stop sexualizing Black girls, but calling students names over dance costumes isn't the solution.

Humiliating this team into changing their uniforms reinforces the idea that these young women — rather than the grown adults shaming them — are the problem.

These dancers should be respected for confidently performing in front of hundreds of people, instead of being slut shamed by strangers on the internet. Do more with your time, trolls.