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Anyone with an Instagram account knows that the pressure to have the perfect booty is real. From #belfies to high cut one-pieces, it can be frustrating to know your butt doesn’t resemble Cardi B's or Kim Kardashian's (although that doesn't mean it's not a good butt! Good butts come in all shapes and sizes!). 

But if you're still feeling self-conscious about your booty, there is a solid option out there. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a surgery or thousands of minutes on Facetune, the indie brand Defy Lingerie has come up with a simpler solution. With its new butt harnesses that combine fashion and function, the brand wants to challenge what shapewear can be. 

The brand offers four lifting styles for a variety of functions, with "no silicone, no padding, no surgery, [and] no compression," according to its website.

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Cheeky original ($78, Defy Lingerie

They range from the comfy Cheeky DEFYer that gives "simple definition" to the "fetish-inspired" Cheeky Garter that offers maximum lift. Since most shapewear lacks sex appeal, it's cool to see a brand offering something so different.

Founder Kariyma Marie was inspired to start the brand after seeing the infiltration of perfect butts on Instagram and beyond. "The constant images of flawless Instagram models and celebrities surgically enhanced and photoshopped to perfection set an unattainable standard for women," Marie said, according to her website

She even wanted to get a Brazilian butt lift, but instead "learned to truly embrace [her] body and work with what [she has]." Since then, her goal has been to inspire other women to love what they have, just with a little lift! 

The items range from $76 up to $98, which is typical for most high-quality shapewear. 

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Cheeky lift ($88, Defy Lingerie

I wish the size range was a bit more inclusive, although the items do go up to a size 14/16, according to its size chart

The campaign images are body positive, too. 

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Cheeky garter ($98, Defy Lingerie

Rarely do you see a curvy butt that hasn't been airbrushed within an inch of its life, so it's great to see the brand embracing thicker models and stretch marks. Everyone has them!

If you're wondering HOW to put the lingerie on, the brand has a nifty tutorial.

defy lingerie models
photo: Courtesy of Defy Lingerie

Check out the tutorial to put on the Cheeky Garter here (although maybe don't watch it at work). 

To see more gorgeous shapewear with an edge, visit Defy Lingerie! 

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photo: Courtesy of Defy Lingerie

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