Here's your much-needed motivation to get through this week: a plus-size male model totally owning the runway.

Dexter Mayfield, a plus-size male model, choreographer, and dancer, strutted down the runway Like. He. Owned. The. Damn. Thing.

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While making his way down the catwalk, Mayfield unzips his jacket and unleashes his inner Magic Mike. He then slings the jacket over his shoulder and struts back.

It's quite the departure from traditional runway walks — in the best way. Unlike most runway walks, which lack personality with all the models encouraged to look the same as one another, Mayfield's walk was full of personality and fire. He was encouraged to flaunt his weight, not hide it.

Mayfield was asked to be in the show SPECIFICALLY for his killer moves.

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“I had initially met Marco Marco out and about in West Hollywood, where of course he saw me living my absolute best life on the dance floor!" Mayfield told Yahoo. "After about a year or so after that, Marco had asked me if I would be interested in walking in his show,” Mayfield said. “Fast-forward to a year later, not only does Marco want me to walk, but he insisted I incorporate my dance into the walk, and that’s exactly what I did.”

This wasn't Mayfield's first time working with the designer.

Mayfield's first time walking for Marco Marco was in 2015, where Mayfield closed out the show. While he didn't strip down, he unzipped his jacket and shook his booty.

His fans LOVED it, of course.

That's how you slay all the haters dead, fam.

*insert allllllll the fire emojis*

He's wooooorking it.

Mayfield's confidence is truly something to be admired.

Despite admitting to being nervous before his first runway walk, Mayfield killed it, anyway! And that's the best kind of motivation there is.