Denim just got the ultimate vintage-inspired slay thanks to an inspiring series by Dia&Co. The brand is known for its plus-size styling service that pulls trendy clothes for you based on the preferences you share in its official style quiz. 

People have also fallen in love with Dia&Co because of its empowering approach to catering to plus-size fashionistas. The brand is continuing this body-positive mission with its We Are All Icons campaign to launch its spring denim collection. 

The brand re-created some of the most iconic denim moments in history with plus-size models who are all size 14 and up, proving that denim is literally for everybody! 

"We launched We Are All Icons because, as much as we love fashion, there’s little size diversity in its history," the brand wrote in a blog post about the campaign.

photo: Dia&Co

"So, in elevating the best-fitting plus size jean styles we have at Dia&Co, we started chipping away at the issue of representation with our own unique spin. We took the denim fashion moments we loved most and updated them with plus-size models and our favorite pairs of jeans." 

This photo is a re-creation of the famous Audrey Hepburn ensemble from the 1954 Sabrina film. 

“Size is used as a barrier to keep plus women out of the conversation and hidden from the spotlight. We wholly reject that notion," says Dia&Co founder and CEO Nadia Boujarwah.

photo: Dia&Co

"Representation will always matter, and our mission with this campaign is to propel these images into the mainstream, making space, and giving voice to generations of plus women." 

When you consider all of the iconic denim ads that have been distributed over the years, it is 100% facts that plus-size people have been almost entirely excluded. It's no coincidence that many denim ads by brands such as Calvin Klein and Lee take on a sexy, provocative feel. Consistently leaving out plus-size people suggests that their curves render them unattractive. It's a terrible beauty standard that is long overdue for a cancelation.

Dia&Co completely trampled on that narrative with this re-creation of the Calvin Klein denim ad starring supermodel Kate Moss from the 1990s.

Dia&Co didn't just stop at denim ads. The brand also re-created one of the most classic denim moments in history from iconic soul singer Sade Adu.

photo: Dia&Co

Who could ever forget that soul singer Sade Adu cemented the denim-on-denim look decades ago? This ensemble has been re-created by regular fashionistas heading out to serve a little street-style fun, music lovers for Halloween, and even the straight-size Grownish star Yara Shahidi

It's beautiful to see a plus-size woman pull off the same look with just as much elegance and beauty.

You cannot tell me that this Brooke Shields tribute isn't drop-dead gorgeous! 

photo: Dia&Co

Come through, curves! Come through, wind! Come through, pose! The model totally nailed that effortlessly sultry appeal that actress Brooke Shields had in the original Calvin Klein ad.

When Calvin Klein originally released this ad in the 1980s, it was met with criticism because Shields was only 15 years old, people found the ad — and the accompanying commercial script that referenced wearing "nothing" with the jeans — to be sexually suggestive.

Unlike the original racy ad featuring a minor, this updated version of the controversial image looks liberating. It sends the message that the skin of all body types is in.

This re-creation of the 1992 Pepsi ad starring supermodel Cindy Crawford also makes for the perfect update.

photo: Dia&Co

The point of the original ad was to use sexiness to sell an updated Pepsi can design, which would have been fine if it weren't the case that all of the "sexy" commercials in the 1990s featured tall, thin white women. Although current commercials still have a long way to go with proper size representation, in the 1990s it was basically impossible for people with plus-size bodies to actually see themselves in an ad — and certainly not as a desirable woman who can sell a Pepsi can off of the strength of her shape.

Dia&Co's shoot unapologetically places a plus-size woman in this sexy space. Drink this message down, world. Curvy people of all genders and races deserve to be seen and valued.

"We created We Are All Icons to show our community that they’re just as worthy of striking a pose as the models and photos that inspired us," the brand reiterates.

photo: Dia&Co

This remake of the Kaia Gerber ad is absolutely beautiful. Kaia Gerber is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, who was the queen of denim ads in the 1990s. Gerber followed in her footsteps and started modeling, landing a Calvin Klein ad of her own. 

Although this ad is meant to inspire, it's also a pretty classy Calvin Klein callout in that it proves that not enough has changed from the early 1990s, between when Crawford modeled and Gerber's current modeling success. 

Of course, this Dia&Co photo series does not reduce plus-size women to being solely sexy.

photo: Dia&Co

That, my friends, would be fetishization. Dia&Co's campaign — and really the brand's entire existence — is about centering and uplifting women who get serviced far too little in the fashion and retail industries.

Dia&Co has launched its spring denim collection that's all about making sure plus-size shoppers have access to jeans that fit comfortably and look great! 

After all, representation in ads is not the only issue when it comes to size-inclusion in the fashion world. 

As if it doesn't suck enough to see straight-size people so overly represented in the media, so many retailers (Zara, hey girl) leave out plus-size clothing altogether from their product offerings. 

When retailers do include larger sizes, that offering usually comes with its own messiness. Some brands offer the most matronly, off-trend clothes for plus-sizes. Other retailers offer trendy plus-size clothes but have the smallest selection ever. An entire store will be filled with smaller sizes and then tuck away plus-size designs in a tiny corner.

Those trash norms are why plus-size brands like Dia&Co were created in the first place! 

Dia&Co makes jeans and more to make sure plus-size women get the clothes they need and in cute designs they'll actually want. The "We Are All Icons" campaign offers just a taste of the stylish designs the brand's stylists could be sending you every month for just $20. 

Check out more behind-the-scenes moments from the campaign!

“For a plus-size-representing company to do this and showcase that we can do exactly the same things that other-size women can do is everything," one model said during the shoot. 

Cheers to inclusive sizing, making everyone feel beautiful in their bodies, and proper representation. You can serve LOOKS no matter what your size is. 

Snag these stylish jeans and more by taking the style quiz and signing up for the service on the Dia&Co website.