We are in the middle of a hot summer, so naturally its time to pull out those crop tops, short shorts, and mini dresses! Right?

Not so fast. Dia & Co, a plus-size styling service, discovered that even in the heat of summer, customers were still requesting long sleeves, pants and general "cover up clothes."

Wondering why that could, the brand did more research. Dia & Co discovered that 66% of plus-size women don't want to show their arms, and 94% don't want to show their tummies.

To combat these findings, a new body positive movement was born: #DiaArmy! The brand is using this hashtag to encourage women to show off their arms, legs, backs, and stomachs every single day of summer.

To participate, simple take a photo of the body part you feel insecure about, share it, and tag #DiaArmy.

As the videos show, encouraging people to reveal the parts of them they feel pressure to hide can be an incredibly freeing experience.

Hundreds of women are already participating in the campaign. Rallying with one another, the goal is to show that their is strength in numbers.  #DiaARMy

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@virigietovar  captioned this photo "This is my bare arm ????This is what I want to tell people who say fat arms should be covered up #DiaARMy"

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Dia & Co's mission is to put as many body positive narratives into the world as possible. You are not alone in being vulnerable in showing off your arms, legs, back, or belly, or all of the above!

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This display of body positivity is the type of social content we live for! 

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@fatgirlflow captioned her photo "Big arms, back rolls, dimpled thighs... it's a body ya'll. I used to be so hard on myself, until I found body positivity."

Will you be joining the "Dia Army?" Check out the hashtag #DiaArmy to get inspired!