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Bet you've never imagined a sticky note could be a symbol of empowerment, but that's exactly what it's become for high school students. Some young Canadian teens are using the yellow squares to make a powerful statement against their school's sexist dress code, and their peaceful, creative protest is inspiring others to follow their lead.

A group of teens in Quebec were fed up with sexist clothing rules in their school, which prompted them to take action into their own hands.

"The Yellow Squares" group is working to change the dress code at their school, Joseph-François-Perrault High School, because they feel the dress code unfairly targets girls.

According to reports, the school prohibits spaghetti straps and shorts above mid-thigh length for girls. 

The students created a Facebook group to advocate for their cause, which now has over 1,000 followers.

Aside from protesting the dress code, the group hopes to combat rape culture in the school.

Now, hundreds of students – both male and female – are jumping on the bandwagon to protest unfair rules.

The yellow squares may be something new, but dress code violations against female students certainly isn't.

The rules have been so outlandish that the girl pictured above was removed from class for wearing a crew neck T-shirt.

It's obvious that more grassroots efforts (such as The Yellow Squares) need to happen in order to initiate change.

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