Everlane curve model
photo: Everlane

If you're unfamiliar with Everlane, let me fill you in: It's a direct-to-consumer brand that eliminates all middlemen in the production process, which means you're getting high-quality clothes that are actually CUTE for a relatively budget-friendly price. Sounds like a dream, right? Unfortunately, there is an issue.

The brand's newest launch is a step into the underwear space. Everlane grew frustrated with the discomfort and unnecessary sex appeal of most underwear on the market today, so it launched a collection of four bottoms, one bra, and one bodysuit. The brand used several curve models in the campaign, too. However, the issue isn't with the campaign: It's with the sizing.

Everlane seemingly embraces curvy bodies, if you're going by the models it features.

photo: Everlane

The line, which launched on March 26, consists of four styles of $12 bottoms (a thong, a hipster, a high-rise hipster, and a bikini) a $22 bra, and a $30 bodysuit. The line only goes up to a size XL.

However, despite casting a curve model to front the campaign, Everlane does NOTHING to actually cater to curvy or plus-size bodies.

Instagram star Erika Lipps called out the fashion brand for excluding plus-size bodies and only selling straight sizes, despite using a non-straight size model to back the campaign.

"This whole campaign is like 'times are changing — so is our underwear!' But like for who?" she wrote. "What is changing? Cotton instead of polyester? Maybe. But not for fat women?"

Several other plus-size influencers shared her post, as well.

Twitter was also less than thrilled.

For a company that's really trying to change the game, this seems like more of the same.

There's nothing innovative about excluding the majority of its consumer base.

While Everlane has addressed the lack of plus sizes in the past, it's frustrating that it's prioritizing other launches before actually serving as many people as it can.

In short: Everlane, get your shit together. There's a big consumer base out there waiting to be served.

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