With back-to-school season officially in full swing, dress codes are here and more grotesque than ever. While some schools keep their codes inclusive and approachable, others do the exact opposite.

A student in Missouri was called out in front of her entire class for wearing a look the teacher decided "plus-size" and "busty" women should not wear.

The student, who's a senior in high school, was body shamed in front of the entire class.

The girl was asked to go to the principal's office by her teacher in the middle of class. When she asked why, the teacher replied:

"Bustier women need to wear clothing that cover their cleavage."

The teacher then followed up with this gem: "'Plus-size women need to dress accordingly."


The teen's mother clapped back on Facebook.

She posted a photo of what her daughter got in trouble for wearing: a long-sleeve, red top with lace-up detail, and a pair of skinny jeans with rips at the knees. You can't even see any damn cleavage!

"I began explaining that my daughter was just sexualized by her teacher in front of the whole class. She was embarrassed and horrified," Melissa wrote on Facebook. "I refuse to put my daughter in a situation where her self esteem is completely destroyed. She is there to learn. This whole time she was missing out on an education while we were all sitting in a room discussing her boobs. How often does this happen to your sons? Seems like another way to keep girls uneducated."

Her daughter's story went viral, with over 42,000 shares and 17,000 comments.

teen body shamed at school
photo: Facebook

Many pointed out the double standard.

student body shamed in school
photo: Facebook

Her outfit was cute AF, too.

girl body shamed at school
photo: Facebook


girl body shamed at school
photo: Facebook

The school eventually said the teacher "made a mistake."

That doesn't pardon the fact that a student's body was sexualized by a teacher in front of other students. 

Additionally, it's not up to the teacher to determine that the student is "too busty" or too "plus-sized" to wear whatever she chose. Dress codes should be in place to protect students, and not as a way for teachers and administrators to shame students. 

If the teen was ACTUALLY wearing something inappropriate, she should've been pulled aside and spoken to with respect, and not made to feel like her body was too "much" to be in a school environment.

Schools, y'all need to do better.