Airplane travel is hella tedious: You're forced to take your shoes and accessories on and off, walk for miles to find your gate, eat overpriced airplane food, and do all this while lugging around a heavy suitcase (or in my case, five).

And now, an airline is about to make that process even more laborious and upsetting by asking passengers to weigh themselves before boarding. Say WHAT?

Finnair, Finland's largest airline, is asking passengers to step on a scale prior to flying.

According to the airline, this isn't meant to shame customers: Instead, the airline is using the weight of their passengers to make out the total weight of the flight. 

While the European Aviation Safety Agency, or EASA for short, has an average weight calculated already, it's not very accurate. Finnair hopes to change that by providing more accurate figures.

This seems totally backward.

According to Finnair, passengers aren't forced to weigh themselves before boarding, and they can choose to opt out if they're uncomfortable. However, if people do choose to opt out (and, let's be real, does anyone actually want to be weighed after schlepping around an airport for hours?) then the total weight Finnair gets from these measurements is still going to be inaccurate and not reflective of the weight of the flight. So, uh, why are we doing this?

Plus, airports are CROWDED. Like, really crowded.

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Weighing myself in front of hundreds of cranky, tired strangers sounds like hell. And won't this just create more lines and delays for EVERYONE by adding an extra, unnecessary step?

Additionally, what if you're someone who simply chooses to not weigh themselves ever? I haven't weighed myself in three years, and I'm not about to start just because I want to board a damn flight. The price of my ticket should be enough to cover that.

This also seems like a precursor to weight-based price increases.

While Finnair adamantly denied this, it still strikes me as the first step toward charging plus-size passengers more to make it onto a flight. (As if plus-size people don't have a hard enough time traveling as is.)

Finnair already finagled 180 passengers into getting weighed.

They're looking for at least 2,000 to get an accurate idea of the average weight of their passengers, though.

Finnair is also not the first airline to do this: Uzbekistan Airways made passengers step on a scale before boarding. Hawaiian Airlines did the same, by stopping plus-size passengers before boarding, in the name of equal weight distribution throughout the cabin.

My verdict? Airports suck as is. Don't make them suck more, Finnair.

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The literal last thing I want to do before boarding a flight is be shamed for the Cinnabon I ate while waiting at the gate.