Shopping for women's jeans can be — and usually is — a complete and utter nightmare. That goes especially for plus-size women. But no one has ever been truly free from the mediocrity that mainstream women's retailers continue to offer women of all sizes. 

No matter your size, you've likely endured the struggle that comes with ordering jeans in your "true size" (that is, what size charts say you should fit into) only to discover that they fit way larger or way smaller than advertised. Or, an equally frustrating scenario: You shopped for jeans in-store and couldn't wrap your brain around why all the size 14 pants you picked out fit differently in every sense of the word.

When it comes to size consistency, some brands are definitely better at that than others. And in the hunt to find out which brands we should support for size-inclusivity and which ones we should avoid like the plague, we're trying on jeans from different retailers to see just how much they stick to their own size charts.

First up? Forever 21. Three women (of three different sizes and body types) from the Revelist team tried five pairs of the brand's jeans in their size, and the results are kind of laughable.