Gabby Sidibe is one of our ultimate body positive woman crushes — she's gorgeous, outspoken, and absolutely fearless with her fashion. She's one of the stars of Lane Bryant's gorgeous #ThisBody Is Made To Shine ad campaign — and she had the most touching response to seeing her billboards around New York City.

"I'm still not over this," she wrote on Twitter.

photo: Giphy

*cries forever*

We already know that positive representation of plus-size women — especially plus-size women of color — really matters.

In the US, the average woman is a size 16 — but you wouldn't know that from the woeful selection of plus-size clothing in stores, or by what you see in the media. The dominant message in our culture is that thin is the only way to be, and if you fall outside that norm, you are not beautiful. That's why campaigns like Gabby's are so important; they let EVERYONE know that their bodies are beautiful, just the way they are.

And she's not the only one; Danielle Brooks is also tweeting HER amazing ads.

The "Orange is the New Black" star also tweeted that she's considering a new, self-love inspired tattoo: "You are beauty."

Here's to hoping that more brands follow suit with campaigns like this — because if they're changing the lives of the stars *in* them, imagine what they're doing for the people who see them.

Hell YEAH, Gabby!