Gabi Fresh Collection
photo: Swimsuits For All

Gabi Fresh, if you aren't aware, is a boss babe. She's a blogger-turned-fashion-icon, making inclusive sizing her consistent focus. Gabi's dream has manifested a few times over, as she now has a collection collaboration with Swimsuits For All, and it is total fire. 

The collection itself is more modest than Ashley Graham's, but there are plenty of plunging necklines and sexy straps to still make you feel like the goddess you are. The island vibes are strong and feature a fabulous mix of playful patterns as well as solids to satisfy an array of styles. 

But perhaps the coolest part? The insanely detailed sizing options.

photo: Swimsuits For All

This collection is just as much about style as it is about function. The numbers follow the typical US sizing for waists (beginning at a 10 and going to a 24) and match to a variety of larger breast sizes (ranging from D to H), meaning you get more coverage and more support while still rocking a sexy fit. 

Pretty cool, right?

Pricing for the collection varies not only by piece, but by size as well — the larger-cupped suits run slightly higher.

sarong bikini
photo: Swimsuits For All

GabiFresh Demeter Underwire Bikini (starting at $98.00, Swimsuits For All)

GabiFresh Demeter Sarong ($52.00, Swimsuits For All

The good news is that the price includes both tops *and* bottoms, which is a pretty great plus.

GabiFresh Athena Swimsuit (starting at $98.00, Swimsuits For All)

And really, the styles are breath-taking.

GabiFresh Hera Bikini ($98.00, Swimsuits For All)

I mean, just look at how sexy and chic this is.

GabiFresh Midnight Zipper Swimsuit ($90.00, Swimsuits For All)

Also, can we please admire this glorious shot of cellulite?!

GabiFresh Reflection Underwire Swimsuit ($60.00, Swimsuits For All)


GabiFresh Wish Underwire Bikini (starting at $60, Swimsuits For All)

You can look like a movie starlet...

GabiFresh Electra Swimsuit ($105.00, Swimsuits For All)

...or a breezy island babe.

GabiFresh Milestone Underwire Bikini (starting at $60.00, Swimsuits For All)

It looks like they totally hit it out of the park with this collection.

GabiFresh Midnight Underwire Bikini (starting at $60.00, Swimsuits For All)

You can shop the full collection here