Fat girls are consistently being told they can't do things, so it comes as no surprise that haters want to add "cosplay" to that annoyingly long list.

When Facebook user Gonzalo Martínez saw this photo of Fat Babe Council co-creator "Holly Quinn," which was being used to shame her and other plus-size cosplayers, he decided to post it to a popular Anime & Manga public group.

fat harley quinn
photo: Instagram/thefatpunkartistry

Martínez wanted to defend Holly's right to cosplay.

"I'm just tired of the rude remarks and bullying," he told Revelist.

He wrote a pretty impassioned post, which reads:

"It's disgusting what this society has come too [sic]. She's a cosplayer. She's having fun. Meanwhile you sit behind your screen making fun of people. I see this as a reflection of self hate. SHE'S FUCKING GORGEOUS. HER CONFIDENCE IS RADIATING. SHE IS FUCKING HARLEY QUINN AND SHES SLAYING IT."

While we all know this is a non-conversation, just like the "are women funny" debate, trolls and die-hard Harley Quinn fans took the opportunity to pounce.

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photo: Facebook/Anime & Manga
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photo: Facebook/Anime & Manga

Some argued that it was more about the "actual cosplay" being just an incorrect representation of the Suicide Squad favorite.

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photo: Facebook/Anime & Manga

Because sadly many members of these fandoms will die on the hill to bring "legitimacy" to their passion. 

But really, when it comes to cosplay (or any other "straight-size sanctioned" thing), size doesn't matter.

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photo: Instagram/thefatpunkartistry

Check out Holly Quinn's (@thefatpunkartistry) thoughts on it:

"Why does fat cosplay matter? Well because I was the only one dressed as Harley tonight at the #suicidesqaud premier and NOT a soul had one bad thing to say about it... I'm a 'cosplayer,' I'm a make up artist & I'm plus size. I believe in the art of a transformation no matter your size. Those things go hand in hand for me, but they might not for you. Take the time to play out your wild fantasies. It's worth it."

Clearly she slays.

photo: Instagram/thefatpunkartistry
harley quinn
photo: Instagram/thefatpunkartistry

And has no time for anyone who thinks otherwise.

Harley eff you
photo: Instagram/thefatpunkartistry

Keep doin' you, girl. 

You can see Martínez's original Facebook post here: