How many people wind up getting their dream job? Not all of us, unfortunately. But somehow I got lucky: This past year, I went from blogging part-time to working as a full-time fashion and body positivity reporter.

I'd always dreamt of being able to do what I do now, and one of the most frequent questions I get is about how to start a career in fashion. Here's how it happened for me. 

My mission was to be a style blogger. The problem: I lacked confidence. I was far from being comfortable with myself. I NEVER took full-body photos before I started blogging.

I was so uncomfortable with my weight and appearance that I routinely untagged myself from any social media photos that showed my body.  

I would spend all night clicking through straight-size fashion blogs, but I couldn't relate because they didn't look like me.


Finding plus-size bloggers like Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg really helped me feel more beautiful in my own skin.

Check out their blogs here and here.

I realized how important representation is, and how I wanted to impact others the way that Gabi and Nicolette had impacted me.

After two years of wishing and planning, I finally found the courage to start my blog, which I called Tiny Red Shoes.

photo: Tinyredshoes

A few months later, Nicolette tweeted that she was looking for girls to model in a live show. I mentioned it to my sister (jokingly) and she insisted that I send in my photos. I did and I was selected!

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Nicolette and I clicked and she became my blogging mentor. She even invited me to my first press preview.

After I started working with brands, I realized my potential to turn a hobby into a real job.

But beyond that, Tiny Red Shoes totally changed me. It's why I wore a two-piece swimsuit for the first time.

It's why I was able to connect with (and help) other young women struggling with body image issues.

This was my first time wearing a crop-top.

And it's why I push myself to be the best, most confident me possible — because if what I'm doing affects even one person, I want it to be positive.

But even though the blog was incredibly fulfilling and I was getting a lot of attention from websites and brands... wasn't enough to quit my day job over.


I'd been blogging for four years and it was a lot to juggle between work and my real life. I started to consider shutting Tiny Red Shoes down.

It was around that time that I received an email from Revelist: they'd found me on Instagram and were looking for a fashion reporter who knew the plus-size market well.

Happily, I got the job! Now I get to shed light on other awesome women in the plus community, while also covering fashion trends and new collections for straight size AND plus-size.

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I'm so happy to have a platform that reaches millions of young people like me. Feeling comfortable in your own body (no matter what size you are) is my hope for everyone.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler