plus-size arms
photo: Instagram/Manfattan

Letting go of insecurities is one of the most liberating things you can do. 

For me, that journey began when I started style blogging. I wasn't just styling outfits for myself, I was inspiring other women to dress as freely as possible, so I began wearing crop tops, bodycon dresses, skirts, and even sleeveless tops. 

I know that last one isn't easy for a lot of us. But especially in the summer, it's painful for me to see another woman sweating it out in a thick cardigan for no reason other than fear of what people might say/think about her arm fat. Fuck them! Dress for the weather and your style. 

Letting go of the fear is like ripping off a Band-Aid. You can't think about it too long — just put on a tank top and go outside. Here's some fashion inspiration to get you going! 


Nicolette Mason is an OG of body pos fashion. I love this look!

Sometimes it's nice to have a jacket as a safety net, or for if it gets cold. Do what's right for you and your outfit! 


Manfattan blogger Beck Delude shows off her arms in this Lane Bryant jumpsuit.

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Callie Thorpe looks super sexy in this off-the-shoulder top.


Model and style blogger Jennifer Buckingham is slaying in this simple tank.


Prints + lace skirt + bare arms = cute outfit

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Sarah Conley never lets insecurities compromise an outfit.  


Look at her smile! There is nothing to be afraid of.

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Show off your belly and your guns, girl.


I have no words for this white Lane Bryant jumpsuit and the ever-perfect Marie Denee.

I take that back, I found a word: FLAWLESS. 


Kelly Augustine is just... goals.


Another bonus to going sleeveless: show off your tats!


Another fab jumpsuit. Aren't you just itching to buy one now?


Summer vacay vibes.



Summer wedding vibes!


Plus-size style expert Jeniese will give you the stank face if you hide your arms again.


Jolene is baring her arms in bodycon. YAS KWEEN!

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She also looks great in white, a color big girls are always steered away from (for no good reason). 


Floral sundresses are what spring and summer are all about. Don't miss out!


Anyone who thinks she needs to cover up should have their eyes checked.


Now go forth and let your arms meet the light!