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photo: Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

We're seeing more plus-size models than ever in the mainstream today, but sadly, it can still be challenging to find them in international high fashion publications, and it's rarer still to find them posing nude. Hunter McGrady, however, just did both at the same time.

When Sports Illustrated swim stunner and plus-size model Hunter McGrady posed for the esteemed Vogue Italia covered in only gold paint, it reinforced the idea that sexy knows no size (and on a global platform, no less). She's inspired her followers by showing that plus-size models can slay ANY magazine.

In the shoot titled "Metamorphosis," McGrady transformed into a Bond Girl.

"Metamorphosis" was envisioned by photographer Lois Cohen and stylist Indiana Roma Voss. They recreated iconic themes and images by giving them an updated twist. "We also tried to find women that were known for their exceptional beauty and recreate them to match modern beauty standards e.g., a hairy Marilyn Monroe, full- figured Bond Girl and a masculine Venus," Cohen said to Vogue Italia. It's safe to say McGrady would make a GREAT Bond Girl! 

This isn't the first time McGrady has broken the body-positive internet by wearing body paint. She also wore it for her Sports Illustrated swim shoot. 

Whether's she's a Bond Girl or rocking paint at the beach, McGrady has proved that plus-size models can do it all. I can't wait to see what other shoots she has in store!

To see more beautiful photos shot by photographer Lois Cohen and styled by Indiana Roma Voss, visit Vogue Italia. 

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