naked dress plus size

Ready to join the naked dress squad.

Body positivity and fashion go hand-in-hand for me. Using fashion to express and celebrate how I look has helped me go from living in hiding to wearing a naked dress on the streets of New York. 

Literally, this naked dress fashion dare opened a side of me that I never even knew existed. 

A naked dress is made of ultra sheer fabric with strategically placed embroidery. Beyoncé, J. Lo, and Kim Kardashian have all worn naked dresses.

Our love Rihanna recently wore this naked dress (off the red carpet) and totally inspired/challenged me.

In case you're wondering, the dress is Gucci s/s 2016. It was designed with a slip underneath. RiRi decided to wear it sans slip because she's a goddess. 

Fashion slave that I am, I made the naked dress my next #FashionDare. This dress is by Pop Up Plus and it's called "Queen For A Day," which is appropriate AF.

photo: Revelist/BrittanyFowler

Dress, Pop Up Plus; bra, cacique; underwear, Spanx

Once I hit the streets, the spirit of a thousand Rihannas and Beyoncés took over my body.

photo: Revelist/BrittanyFowler


Never before have I felt more powerful and in charge of my own body. One man literally stumbled as he walked past me. Being almost naked felt like such a power move.

photo: Revelist/BrittanyFowler

I thought about the way I had grown up feeling unattractive. Hot and sexy were not within my reach then; "cute" was what I was told to aspire to.

naked dress trend
photo: Revelist/BrittanyFowler

But the real problem was that I was waiting for someone else to find me attractive, rather than accepting my body and actually finding myself sexy.

photo: Revelist/BrittanyFowler

This fashion dare brought out a sexy, powerful side that I never knew I had. But you don't have to wear a naked dress to find this in yourself. Maybe for you it's a crop top, or a two-piece bathing suit, or even just a tank top.

photo: Revelist/BrittanyFowler

The point is: challenge yourself. In a world where we're told to hide behind wardrobes of "flattering" clothing, sometimes we have to change the way we look to change the way we see ourselves.