If you grew up as a plus-size person you were constantly told that your life goal should be to lose weight. Losing weight was our journey, and being skinny was the prize we were told to aim for. 

A very popular hashtag on social media is #TransformationTuesday, and you can see thousands of pictures of men and women showing off their new bodies. Most pictures include a before of them at their heaviest sizes, and an after of their current weight-loss bodies. 

Body-positive activist Jewelz Mazzei recently posted a picture of her #TransformationTuesday to remind people that weight loss is not the solution to your problems.

"Freedom and self-love is possible at any size," she wrote on Instagram.

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It's Tuesday and I have the best transformation to share yet. This one shows the transformation of freedom and happiness. 

The picture on the right is from when I was volunteering in Jamaica in March 2014, it's  one of the few photos of me from that trip. I remember this moment leaving the beach, everyone taking photos together and of themselves in their bikinis and short shorts. I remember thinking how beautiful it was how I'd regret not taking a photo. I asked someone to take this photo of me and me never really shared it until now. It's amazing how I just couldn't accept my body,let alone love it at that time. And if you would have told me that 2 years after that photo was taken that I'd be running free in a bikini on a beach in Florida, I wouldn't have thought  it was impossible I just would have imagined I was a size 2. Because back when I was insecure, I thought that if I was thin I could do anything, but I realized when I found #selflove that I can do all those things and more at my size and I do.

I'm finally happy because I'm free. Free from self-hate and the words of others. I'm free to live unapologetically me and never miss an opportunity.

"There are so many types of transformation photos that people share, but I want mine to reflect my mindset and attitude and not focus on a number on a scale," Mazzei told Revelist.

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"I want this message to go to anyone who struggles with body love, anyone who ever thought they couldn't do something or be somebody because of their size."

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"People need to see that self-love is possible without changing their bodies. I want people to see that they can do anything with confidence and positivity, they can do anything if they are #bigandblunt," said Mazzei.

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Mazzei has been a long-time enforcer of body positivity and acceptance at any size. She is the creator of a popular body positive hashtag #BigAndBlunt.

Slay Jewelz, slay!

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