When Kylie Jenner announced that she was opening an official merch store, we were excited. When she implied that her shop would carry clothing in a wide range of sizes, we were STOKED.

The Kardashian-Jenners don't have the best track record when it comes to body-positive style. Khloe's denim line needs a bit of work to be TRULY size inclusive, and Kylie + Kendall's clothing brand stops at a size 8/10.

But Kylie has friends — like model Jordyn Woods — who are plus-size. Surely her official merch line would take that into account and be good for all body types!


Jess and I spent $450 at The Kylie Shop to see what Kylizzle's merch is like.

kylie jenner merch
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

Would we be pleasantly surprised? Would this all end in tears as we fail to Realize Stuff? Let's find out!

Before the store opened, we did our homework. Kylie dropped a list of the merch she’d be selling, along with the prices, but no sizing information, which made us anxious.

kylie shop prices
photo: Kylie Jenner's app

"To be fairly honest, I was expecting her merch to be available up to a size large — but I was pleasantly surprised," said Jess. "Everything in her shop, except the bomber jacket, was available in sizes up to 2XL, which meant some plus-size girls would be able to wear it. Bigger people want bomb-ass tees, too!"

But actually GETTING those clothes turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster.

kylie merch
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist


Having seen the hysteria around Kylie’s cosmetics line, we knew her merch would sell out insanely fast — so we planned our online shopping trip like a military operation.

We had meetings to discuss our shopping strategy. We set multiple alarms. And two hours in advance, we had four people ready at four different computers with a list of products and sizes, all prepared to buy King Kylie merch for us. Our first choices sold out before we could so much as blink — I wanted to realize stuff — but we were still able to get our hands on three tees, a hoodie, and a hat each.

And to our surprise, it's AMAZING.

"I was worried the sizing would run small," said Jess. "But when I slipped this hoodie over my head, I was in love."

kylie jenner hoodie plus
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

The first thing we tried was the Kylie Hoodie in grey ($70, The Kylie Shop). "I'm wearing the 2XL, and it fit really well — not tight in the arms or too restrictive around the throat," said Jess. "The inside was really soft and comfortable, like velvet. I feel like I'm back in the womb; it's that cozy. I also like that there was only a print on the back — and this is the best picture of Kylie."

Jess styled her hoodie with her favorite button-up A-line skirt ($5, City Chic Online) and thigh-high boots ($33, Rainbow).

And I wasn't expecting to, but I liked this hoodie A LOT.

kylie jenner merch hoodie
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

I'm wearing a small, and it was true to size — maybe a little loose in the upper arms and tight around the waist, but that seems standard for women's hoodies. The sleeves were long enough, which is important to me as a tall person.

The hoodie material was soft and a little thin — it's definitely a spring-weight hoodie, rather than something that would keep you REALLY warm in fall or winter. It's great for layering; this fit under my leather jacket with no problems. I'm even kind of into wearing a secret Kylie on my back.

I styled my hoodie with a pom-pom snapback ($20, Amazon), my favorite coated skinny jeans from Current/Elliot ($248, ShopBop), and a refusal to look at the camera, apparently.

Next we moved into t-shirts — and this super-sexy black number, which came with a surprising size challenge.

This is the Lace and Leather tee ($35, The Kylie Shop), the item that Jess MOST wanted to try on. "Based on the size chart, I thought that a 2XL would be big enough to wear as a dress, the way Kylie always does," said Jess. "I had clearly forgotten about my wide hips, which made the shirt barely cover my private areas. It was really tight around my waist, but roomy everywhere else — definitely something plus-size girls with tummies would have to wear tucked in, so you can't see the print as well."

Jess styled this t-shirt with her button-up skirt and the same boots as above, but in tan. 

The straight size version fit into my Goth Queen aesthetic, but presented me with a major emotional problem.

kylie jenner merch black shirt
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

I'm still not sure how I feel about having Kylie's nipple displayed so prominently on my torso, OK? I'm just not sure I can handle NSFW clothing like this!


I'm wearing a size small, and I found it fit the way a vintage boy tee would fit — kind of boxy and cut straight through the body rather than flaring out to accommodate a woman's hips. The quality was what I'd expect from a concert tee — medium-weight material that will wear in a cool way.

Nipples aside, out of everything we tried, this was the shirt I'd be most likely to wear IRL. I styled it with high-waisted, distressed jeans ($128, Madewell) and my leather jacket.

Next, we tried on the most controversial shirt in Kylie's line. "Purchasing this tee made me really uncomfortable," said Jess.

kylie jenner boyfriend polaroid tee
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

This is the Boyfriend Polaroid tee ($35, The Kylie Shop), which features a topless Kylie straddling her boyfriend, Tyga. Given that Tyga is an adult man who reportedly started dating Kylie when she was a teenager, this white top has generated QUITE A BIT of controversy.

"The fit of the 2XL white shirt was the same as the rest of Kylie's tees, but this was the softest out of all of them," said Jess. "The Polaroid image on the front looked more faded than other prints, and honestly, it made me uncomfortable. I don't want to judge her relationship, but wearing this gave me a weird feeling."

Jess styled this shirt with a faux-fur coat ($40, Torrid) because "I can pull it closed and no-one has to see that damn picture."

I felt similarly spiritually icky about this shirt — but the quality was on point.

kylie jenner tyga shirt
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

This shirt was, as Jess mentioned, really soft — but it was also VERY thin. In daylight, it was practically transparent (something that you can't really see under our very well-balanced studio lights). Because it was so thin, it also wrinkled easily, so I wore it tucked in.

I liked this shirt, but I HATE the picture on it. I'd rather wear nothing but shirts with Kylie's nipples on them from now until the end of time than have to think about Tyga's weird boner for teenage Kylizzle.

I styled this with my favorite mid-heeled boots from Geox ($125, Amazon), and a fringed suede skirt from & Other Stories that, sadly, is no longer available. Mildly skeeved-out facial expression coming soon to a face near you.

The final tee was the best, according to Jess. "I'm OBSESSED with this picture of Kylie, and this gray shirt is so soft."

kylie jenner tee plus
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

This is the Kylie tee ($35, The Kylie Shop), which Jess is wearing in a size 2XL. "I wish I'd bought this in black," said Jess. "But the gray fabric was softer. Like the other tees, this fit a little tightly around my waist — but if you tuck it into a skirt or high-waist pants, that doesn't matter much. I'm all about wearing a hot girl on my shirt, especially if it's Kylie. GIRL POWER!"

I'm still not sure I want Kylie Jenner's boobs on my torso, but again, the quality is on point.

kylie jenner tshirt gray
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

I'll say this for Kylie's merch: the sizing is consistent. All the size small things I tried on fit exactly the same way, so that's nice. This shirt fit well and felt nice, and I'd very much like the bra Kylie is wearing in this print.

I styled this shirt with my distressed Madewell jeans, leather jacket draped over my shoulders, and fuzzy heels that I made myself, bc #luxurybitch.

The final tee was Jess' favorite — "This is the most comfortable thing I've worn since college."

kylie pot shirt
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

This is Kylizzle's Tranquil long-sleeved shirt ($40, The Kylie Shop) in a 2XL, which has Kylie branding on the front ("Kylie Cosmetics") and the back (Kylie smoking weed in her bra, natch).

"Long-sleeved tees can be hard for me and for other plus-size women," said Jess. "You get that small neck and restrictive sleeves. But this was great — it was so comfortable! I liked it tucked in with a skirt, but then it cuts off the print on the back."

The only downside? "The sleeves were REALLY long," said Jess. "So I just rolled them up for an even more relaxed look."

Because the shop had sold out of my size, Jess leant me hers and styled it as a dress — Kylizzle style.

kylie smoking pot
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

Lately, Kylie loves wearing oversized shirts as dresses — and now I totally see why. This was cute, relaxed, and comfortable — add some thigh-high lace-up heels (which I don't own) and I'd be ready for The Club (which I wouldn't go to).

Not sure how I feel about the print on the back, but hey, we can't have everything.

And about those overlong sleeves, which I rolled up five times... how long were they, exactly?

THIS long.

kylie jenner long sleeves
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

I am 5'10, with a wingspan like a mighty albatross. This is absurd.

The final item in our order was a denim "dad hat."

kylie jenner hat
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

Literally — that's the description ($35, The Kylie Shop). I didn't try this on, allergic as I am to anything that isn't black, gray, or white — but Jess tried it on, and it was fine.

"It's a hat," she shrugged. "I like the lips, and I like that you can adjust the size in the back. I don't think I'd wear it OUT like in an outfit, but it's cute."

Overall, Kylie's merch is surprisingly awesome.

kylie jenner merch
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

Jess and I were both impressed — we've seen firsthand how easy it is for brands (or personalities) to make poor quality clothing, or screw over plus-size customers altogether.

Kylie's merch, while definitely expensive, was good quality.

It had cool, though occasionally NSFW, designs.

And the entire collection was *actually* available in a decently inclusive range of sizes. Though, to be more accessible to her legions of fans, and to further the oversize trend she's blazing, we'd love to see her add a 3 and 4XL. 

We salute Kylie for making merch that most of her fans can actually wear.

Clearly she realized stuff about being body positive — here's to more bands, brands, and personalities taking cues from Kylizzle's line in 2017.

Have you tried Kylie's merch? Do you want to after seeing these pictures? Which Kardashian should release a merch line next?

I'm hoping for a Kris Jenner line next, but WHO KNOWS! Tell us your feelings in the comments, or over on Facebook!