lane bryant this body

Too hot for TV?

photo: YouTube/Lane Bryant

Plus is not equal in the eyes of major TV networks, allegedly.

A source at Lane Bryant tells People magazine that the company's latest body positive ad has been rejected by "multiple TV networks, including NBC and ABC."

The 30-second ad, part of Lane Bryant's "This Body" campaign, features a cast of gorgeous curve models — including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl Ashley Graham — celebrating their fantastic bodies.

Scenes include bare, fleshy midriffs.

New mom Tara Lynn breastfeeding.


And thick girl confidence for days.


TMZ reports that its sources "firmly believe it's a size issue and not nudity," as similar straight size ads by Victoria's Secret have aired on the networks that allegedly rejected the Lane Bryant spot.

In its statement to People, NBC said that it hadn’t rejected the ad, but rather, asked for “minor edits.”

Exactly what part of this needs editing, NBC? 

Lane Bryant, meanwhile, posted the following on its Twitter.


Revelist reached out to ABC for comment but has not heard back. It's hard to imagine that the network behind "The Bachelor" — which airs sex sounds from behind "fantasy suite" closed doors — would clutch its pearls over a little back fat and some side boob.

Watch the full ad here.