Lane Bryant horrible top
photo: Lane Bryant

Shopping as a plus-size woman is like navigating a minefield of stores that claim to stock plus-sizes but only go up to a size 16 or stores that do carry up to your size but only carry frump. It's definitely not... fun.

And sadly, the stores that DO sell an inclusive selection of plus sizes get it wrong, too, sometimes. One Lane Bryant shopper is baffled at just how ridiculous the store's designs are getting, and is pointing out how it highlights a much bigger issue in designing for plus-size bodies.

The item in question was this seemingly normal pink tee... until you look down.


Plus-size Twitter came to a head-scratching halt.

It DOES look like a pretty effective hiding place.

It's, um, a front-side bustle?


It's a trend piece, OK.

Would DJ Tanner approve of this? No, I don't think she would.

Maybe we're just not getting it?

Yes, we're definitely not getting it.

The top has also gone viral on the Lane Bryant site, amassing 17 one-star reviews.

Lane Bryant hideous top
photo: Lane Bryant

"I was sewing drapes," one particularly scathing review read. "And I accidentally sewed my drapes onto my shirt! And then I accidentally wore it!"

Thankfully this top is an online exclusive, otherwise I imagine it would be getting used as firewood in Lane Bryant parking lots.

In short: 

photo: Giphy

My head hurts.

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