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Remember when Lizzo carried that tiny bag to the American Music Awards? Looks like we found out what was in that microscopic bag, and it was all the cares Lizzo has about people's opinions. In other words, none at all. Because Lizzo had the best time at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA game, decked out in a look that showed off her butt to everyone at the Staples Center. And oh yes, she twerked in her butt outfit, giving us all more reason to stan this body-positive queen.


Lizzo's outfit was all basketball business in the front ...

From the front, you can see that Lizzo is wearing an oversize T-shirt with (another!) small bag and silver chain necklaces, one of them containing diamond-encrusted BBW charms. She's also wearing fishnet tights and black patent ankle boots, which are all typical of her usual style ...


... and bad b**** in the back.

"This is how a bad b**** goes to the Lakers game versus Minnesota," she says as she spins around for the camera. "You b***** can't even spell Minnesota!" Lizzo laughs as she struts down the hall, giving us an amazing view of her string and butt via the shirt's strategically placed cutouts.


Lizzo also enjoyed some courtside dancing.

Who doesn't love to shake their stuff at a good basketball halftime show? Lizzo dazzled the crowd at the Staples Center with a butt-exposing twerk.


Naturally, fatphobia reared its ugly head.

Social media, unsurprisingly, blew up with a variety of slut-shaming, racist, and fatphobic comments. Because the minute a fat woman, especially a fat woman of color, dares to publicly love their body, people turn into jerks. We're not going to share any of those comments here, but we are going to share some supportive ones.


Representation matters!

Lizzo's butt says more about us than it does about her. It shows us that there is so, so much work to do when it comes to treating all bodies with dignity and love. It shows us that Lizzo is bravely representing a body type that we sexually devalue, and saying "this body is sexy, this body is beautiful, and this body is not going anywhere." Visibility and representation are hugely important, and Lizzo is bringing this conversation squarely courtside.

Being sexy is how you feel about yourself, not how other people feel about you. You don’t have to personally find Lizzo titillating but she’s still sexy and I’m sure she has no shortage of suitors.

— safy (@SafyHallanFarah) December 9, 2019

"Lizzo shouldn't be doing all that at family-friendly event"

meanwhile at said family friendly event:

— mariah carey's royalty check (@urbanyoungin) December 9, 2019
(Also, in case you're wondering, the Lakers won 142-125.)


Meanwhile, for all the haters, Lizzo just dropped a new music video.

Lizzo is laughing all the way to the Grammy Awards, as she used the manufactured controversy to drop a music video. In the new video for "Good as Hell," a college marching band is rehearsing for homecoming. A sad drill team member and struggling saxophone player get into the happy vibe of the moment. It's an adorable video and should make band geeks everywhere feel seen.