Although inclusion in fashion is on the rise, we still rarely see people with disabilities featured in major campaigns. That's disappointing because all groups, regardless of identity or ability, deserve to be seen in mainstream media. 

Luckily, Tommy Hilfiger’s latest campaign is tackling this issue by featuring multiple disability advocates for the brand's adaptive clothing collection. The campaign shows how major brands can give underrepresented groups the platform they deserve.

Most excitingly, the move means Black fashion blogger and amputee Mama Cāx is now a face of Tommy Hilfiger. Here's what you should know about Mama Cāx:

Well-known for her bold style, Cāx is also a model and motivational speaker who has a masters degree in International Studies, according to her website.

She is very open about her amputation and her journey toward loving herself. She shared with Glamour that she had bone and lung cancer as a teenager, so she had to get a hip replacement and then an amputation. 

She went from trying to conceal her prosthetic leg to eventually embracing it — she even started wearing colorful prosthetic covers. 

"And from that point, I started to feel a shift in attitude and in how I treated myself. People no longer saw someone who was trying to hide. They saw someone who had pride," she told Glamour. 

Her boldness has definitely been an inspiration to many. Cāx has been featured in an ASOS campaign, has walked in a White House Fashion Show, and has been featured in a video for Allure. 

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Plus, it's great to see Cāx featured in a collection with such thoughtful elements. Think one-handed zippers and magnetic buttons so everyone can look stylish without the added difficulty that non-adaptive clothing may have. 

Despite all of her work, Cāx STILL has to deal with ignorant comments. 

Cāx is using her platform to highlight the microaggressions that people with disabilities have to endure all the time. Earlier this year, Cāx shared on Instagram how a man told her she was beautiful "even though you have one leg." Cāx told him,"that’s not a compliment!" and made the analogy that it was similar to telling someone that “even though you’re black I still think you’re beautiful.”

It's great to see influencers like Cāx boldly representing their communities and showing that everyone CAN slay. 

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Visit Cāx's Instagram for more inspiring posts. To see more of the Tommy Hilfiger adaptive collection, visit Tommy Adaptive

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