The post, which went up on Humans of New York, went viral over the weekend.

The photo features the man's legs and arms in an almost fetal position. In his quote, he brings up the "excellent dates," and says  "everything else" about his girlfriend of one and a half years is "everything he wanted."

However, that's where it takes a turn.

He then states that he "can't get past" and is "bothered by" his girlfriend's weight. He claims he "feels like a bad person for being bothered by it," and that "he can't bring himself to tell her." He says the two of them are going to couple's therapy next week, but he doesn't think he'll be able to say it then, either.

Someone get this guy a freakin' gold star for being the most sensitive piece of crap that ever existed.

The post garnered over 30,000 reactions and nearly 9,000 comments.

Humans of New York body shaming
photo: Facebook

The comments range from disgust to hatred to body shaming. However, most of the top comments all have one thing in common: branding this delusional bag of dicks as the misogynistic turd that he is.

People suggested they break up IMMEDIATELY.

Humans of New York body shaming
photo: Facebook

This woman deserves a much better man who would appreciate her body as is rather than trying to change her.

People were telling him to let her go so she can be loved as she deserves.

Humans of New York body shaming
photo: Facebook

Some people tried to sympathize with him.

Humans of New York body shaming
photo: Facebook

Here's the thing: The man isn't just superficial. Saying you "feel horrible" about your girlfriend because she isn't your ideal weight isn't superficial, it's beyond fucked up.

They were together for one and a half years. If his girlfriend's weight is a big enough issue for him to question his entire relationship over, that's his problem, not his girlfriend's. That's more than enough time for him to realize he's not sexually attracted to his girlfriend. He's being an asshole for wasting this woman's time.

It's not enough to just say that you can't change who you're sexually attracted to.

When you first meet someone and the two of you decide that you want to enter a relationship together, you should realize that you are accepting the person for who they are entirely — weight included. If he didn't know how he felt about it from the beginning, he shouldn't have entered a relationship with her. He isn't doing his girlfriend any favors by sticking it out in a relationship where he doesn't feel like she is his ideal woman. All he's doing is dragging her along.

It's also not someone's job to change who they are to fit someone else's idea of what they find attractive, sexy, or perfect. He shouldn't have to ask his girlfriend to lose weight "for him" because it will NEVER be for him. Someone should only lose or gain weight for themselves and for themselves only, not to fit the whims of a man with a vague idea of what he thinks he wants.

It has nothing to do with being concerned for her health, either.

He never states that he's concerned about her blood pressure, or her risk for certain diseases. His desire to change his girlfriend to fit his desires is purely aesthetic, not out of a convoluted concern for her well-being. 

Additionally, weight is almost always a scapegoat for something else being terribly wrong in a relationship.

I was in a similar situation a few years back. A guy I was dating for three and a half years suddenly broke up with me out of the blue because, and I quote, "I don't love you anymore, I don't love your body anymore."

While that was heart-shattering and truly redefined who I was as a person, it also served as an excuse for something else: He was using the whole "I'm no longer attracted to her because of her weight" card as an excuse to cheat. He was using the weight excuse as just that, an excuse. It was all to cover the fact that there was something far more problematic in the relationship than my figure (namely, that he couldn't keep his anatomy where it belongs).

TL;DR: This man doesn't deserve a trophy for being "sensitive" or for "feeling bad."

Humans of New York body shaming
photo: Facebook

Just because he feels bad, doesn't make him a good guy. It means he's a guy that's undergoing an internal guilt trip. Sorry, bud, but you don't get a pass for that.

Additionally, if you're the woman who this garbage human was referring to — or you're a woman who can relate — you know the only weight you should ever lose is the body-shaming troll dragging you down.