Even if you don't identify as male – really, no matter what gender you identify as — you can't deny just how trendy menswear has become (or how sharp it looks on celebrities when they work the red carpet). And let's face it, "menswear" shouldn't even be called "menswear" these days. Clothes don't inherently have gender, humans just naively decided that they should. 

Clearly, a lot of people agree with me. More women and gender-nonconforming celebs slash influencers than ever have been wearing what we'd traditionally consider men's clothes. Thus, fitted suits are popping up everywhere at women's retailers. But there's just one problem.

The "menswear for women" trend has not been very size-inclusive, if at all. As it goes for most fashion trends, plus-size models and celebrities are very rarely seen donning suits or men's dress shirts — and, in return, plus-size women are deterred from wearing them, too.

But here at Revelist, we think that's, to be frank, a real crock. You should be able to find and rock the heck out of whatever clothing you want, regardless of what your size or your gender is. In the hopes of proving that menswear is equally fitting across the size spectrum, Alle, Kala, and I all gave the menswear trend a try for ourselves.