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Being a plus size woman has never been easy in a society that is obsessed with thinness — and shopping is one of the struggles many of us have had to deal with for years.

Plus size women don't have many brick and mortar locations where they can go and try on clothes to see how they fit — we usually have to guess at our size and order things online.

But this might change really soon — thanks to Modcloth.

Online retailer Modcloth has opened a permanent brick and mortar location in Austin, Texas. Every item of clothing in the store is available in sizes XXS - 4X.

modcloth austin
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Modcloth has been well known for being an extremely body positive online retailer. The brand has gone out of its way to represent body diversity

After ending the segregation of sizes on their site by including their plus-size range as part of their regular collection, Modcloth has opened this store in Austin so their customers can try on clothes IRL.

But there's a catch — though you can try everything on, you can't take the clothes home with you that day.

After trying the clothes and deciding what you want, the Modcloth store staff will order the items for you, and ship them all right to your front door.

Once I knew I had the opportunity to try on clothes in my size, I ran to the boutique. When I walked in, I was immediately struck by how beautiful the store was — and surprised by the diverse size mannequins throughout the store.

modcloth atx
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

I was so confused and excited at the same time. I don't think I had ever seen a place like this. Was I in true body positive fashion heaven?

I probably spent 10 solid minutes staring at the middle mannequin, which represented a body similar to mine.

modcloth atx
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

I couldn't believe it. I'd never seen a mannequin that looked like me before!

As a plus-size shopper, my instinct was to walk to the back corner of the store to shop — because that's usually where places hide my size. But I didn't need to do that here.

modcloth atx
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

The back section ONLY featured a plus-size mannequin, so I thought to myself "this is where the plus-size clothes must all live." I asked the sales associate and she reminded me that everything in the store — except for one-of-a-kind vintage items — was available in ALL sizes. The plus-size clothes and straight size ones were all mixed together.


The sales associate handed me a small sheet of paper where I was told to add the product number of the items I wanted along with the size.

modcloth plus size shop
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

I was so used to the "traditional" shopping experience that I immediately gravitated towards the bigger mannequins — I had to constantly remind myself that the smaller mannequins also wore clothes available in my size. 

Once I had picked out a selection of things to try, I headed over to the prettiest dressing room area I had ever seen. Each room was named after the wallpaper inside it — I chose the golden polka-dot changing room.

modcloth plus size store
photo: Revelist/JessicaTorres

Surprisingly, I was actually excited to go into the changing room.

I couldn't remember the last time I was able to physically try on THIS many clothes. I was about to go ham.

modcloth plus size store
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

The first item I tried on was this white midi dress that I instantly fell in love with.

defining divine dress plus
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

This dress was available in an XXS - 4X — I'm wearing a 3X. The dress is part of their bridal collection but I wouldn't think twice before wearing it on an average day.

Defining Divine midi dress by Liza Luxe ($175, Modcloth), worn with Fine Dining metallic heels by Chelsea Crew ($70, Modcloth).

This dress was definitely designed for a women with bigger boobs — something I never would have known without trying it on.

defining divine dress review
photo: Jessica Torres / Revelist

If I would have bought this dress online, I would have returned it. But after trying on the 2X (which didn't close), I realized the 3X was the best option for me. I would definitely have to get the dress tailored around the chest — something which wasn't a deal-breaker for me.

Next, I tried this '90s throwback dress in a 3X — and fell in love.

cultivated quirk work dress plus
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres


Cultivated quirk work dress ($80, Modcloth)

I've always wanted a button-up maxi dress, but nothing ever fit... until now.

quite clearly charismatic maxi dress plus
photo: Jessica Torres / Revelist

This dress hit me right in the feels. The fit is a bit oversized but it isn't anything that can't be fixed with a cute little belt.

Quite clearly charismatic dress ($90, Modcloth).

But I didn't stop with dresses — I also tried on a range of tops and bottoms, and this denim skirt actually changed my life.

modcloth plus size store
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

When I shop for denim skirts, I usually size up for comfort. I originally tried on the 4X skirt, but it was extremely big on me — but when I tried the 3X, it fit perfectly. I can't remember the last time I had the option of requesting a 4X and then having to size down. I finally had options to find the best fit for me.

Sunny spirit button-up shirt ($45, Modcloth), Wrangler x Modcloth Dependable denim skirt ($70, Modcloth)

Once I found the perfect denim skirt I had to find the perfect top — and I did!

modcloth Austin store
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

Yep, I ordered it in a 3X.

Pros and convertible button-up shirt ($40, Modcloth).

Denim jumpers are one of those items I always have to avoid because I never know how they are truly going to fit. So once I saw this one at the location I tried it on.

modcloth austin store
photo: Revelist/JessicaTorres

The 3X fit perfectly after adjusting the arm straps. 

Central Park chic denim jumper ($95, Modcloth)

And because who knows when I'd next have the chance to try a denim romper in my size — I went for it!

modcloth austin store
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

I tried this romper in a 3X, but the sides were a little deeper then I would feel comfortable with. You might see my underwear if I wore a crop top under it. I felt lucky and so happy to have been able to know that before I bought it. 

Make Shortall Work of it denim romper by Fervour ($60, Modcloth

Though I was sad I'd have to wait a few days to have my items shipped to me, the store also had accessories and makeup you could buy and take with you.

austin plus size
photo: Revelist / Jessica Torres

All in all, visiting Modcloth's Austin boutique was transformative. The last time I had so many options to try on was when I was a child. For years I have been stuck shopping online and risking it all, hoping the clothes I bought fit me... but now I see there's a better way.

After seeing how Modcloth was not only able to incorporate plus clothing into their collection, but made it available in this store for everyone to try on... I was shook. It was amazing. I really hope that other brands learn from the amazing job Modcloth is doing to serve women of all sizes.

Unfortunately, it's not a perfect system. This boutique is only in Austin, so if you don't live in Texas, you're out of luck. And not being able to walk out of the store with the clothing you want is a little annoying, too.

I walked into the Modcloth store, but after trying everything on, I left buying almost $400 worth of clothes. Me to every retailer that doesn't want to carry plus sizes in their brick-and-mortar location:

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Straight size women aren't the only ones with money. And the sooner stores learn this, the better they'll be.