Jay Kennedy runs the "Every Wednesday" YouTube channel.

photo: Instagram/dj4jay

Unfortunately, a fit man loving a plus-size woman is still taboo in our society.

In Hollywood, we often see bigger men like Kevin James and Seth Rogen cast alongside thin, beautiful love interests, but we rarely see the roles reversed. 

Even worse, mixed-size couples in the real world get rude stares, backhanded compliments, and serious social media hate.

Johnathan Kennedy, who goes by Jay, started a YouTube channel to share the honest perspective of a fit man who’s attracted to plus-size women — without any fetish-y nonsense.

"I really appreciate a plus-size woman's figure; it's one of the most beautiful things on the planet," he says in one video.

"How can you appreciate some parts of a woman being bigger [butt, boobs] and shun other parts [stomach, arms] for being big," he says in another.

“Tess Holliday,” he quickly answers when I ask him who is the most beautiful woman in the world right now.

His channel is called Every Wednesday and he tries to upload one video per week (on Wednesdays), touching on everything from body positivity to sex and dating to the Disney princess effect on body image. 

“Every Wednesday is a place where you can come and be surrounded by positivity and positive people,” says the 25-year-old Bay Area-based DJ, who also models in the UK.  

He got the idea for the channel a year ago, when he and some friends were talking about racism and discrimination, and body positivity came up.

“Not often do you hear people talking about discrimination for weight or size,” he says. 

“It kind of sucks the way society has set us all up for failure, meaning guys I talk to, and men in general, feel like it’s wrong to be attracted to bigger women. I think a lot of that is just due to the media." 

Listening to him talk about the struggles women face at the mall, it's clear that he's done his research. 

“You go to a lot of stores and some of the nicer things or the cute outfits might only to go a size 8 or 10 … And when they do have a selection of plus-size clothes, you have outdated styles … If you’re not a size 0 or 2, they really don’t care and they’ll just throw anything out there to sell. It’s almost like the people that design these clothes don’t want plus-size people to feel confident or sexy; they want to keep them covered up … or not be up on certain styles or trends.”

I asked how he got so woke about something most guys are oblivious to and he told me about the time his ex-girlfriend, who is plus-size, broke down crying in the mall because she couldn’t find anything that fit her for their trip to Miami. “She was so upset and frustrated and it was so devastating to watch."

Jay has also experienced body insecurities himself. “I dealt with body image issues growing up. I was never a bigger person, I was really thin, but oftentimes I’d be upset about how I looked. Over time I guess I just grew as a person.”

You might think bodybuilding was the key to his turnaround, but no, he says that’s just a hobby he picked up a couple years ago.

“Bodybuilding helped me realize that no matter what you look like or how your body changes, you still wake up with the same issues.” 

In 2017, Jay has big plans for his YouTube channel and his mission to promote body positivity, including a prom dress charity for high school girls.

“We want to give [them a dress] for free and set them up with a photoshoot and get their limo; basically do their prom experience. So right now I’m working that out and setting aside money to start with the first couple of people for proms this year.”

He’s also working on a photo series of mixed-size male and female models, “showing a whole spectrum of models working together,” and he’s upping the frequency, production, and content of his videos. He wants to bring in more perspectives and expand his topics. “There’s a bunch of related issues that come with this like anxiety and depression, which I’ve dealt with before. That’s my next thing — I’m going to start making videos about coping with things like that.” 

And yes, ladies, he is single.

“I’ve been traveling so much,” he says. “Every couple weeks I’m in a new place. It’s hard because people question who I am because I have a lot of tattoos.”

P.S. He's funny, too.