North Carolina writer and mom Adrian Harrold Wood low-key just started a Giant Underpants Movement.

Posing in front of a mirror with her skirt held up and a wide expression on her face, Harrold Wood listed all the reasons her "giant underpants" say nothing of her beauty or vitality. 

She is 40. She is a warrior. And she is ROCKING her giant undies.

"You are more than that bit of pudge. You are more than those giant underpants," she wrote.

"You are wonderful and amazing and you rock those giant underpants. I mean, you’ve earned wearing them. It’s not just that you’re over 40. Nope, you’ve given birth three times and number four was a C-section. Your body never has bounced back after that, though honestly, you’ve got bigger fish to fry than a smushy tummy."

Her words hit home for scores of women.

Shimmy into those granny panties and run shit, ladies.

There's no stopping a woman in comfortable underwear. 

You can read more of Harrold Wood's work and follow her on her public Facebook page, Tales of an Educated Debutante