photo: Courtesy Mattel

Nearly 57 years after her birth, Barbie’s measurements are finally changing.

After releasing more diverse skin tones and hair types in 2015, Mattel announced today that a new range of Barbie body types — tall, petite, and curvy — will be available online starting January 28. The dolls will appear in retail stores later this year.

As a plus-size woman who has loved Barbie for as long as she can remember (and still has a trunk full of them in her childhood bedroom), this is huge for me.

photo: Courtesy Mattel

Dressing my Barbie, imagining/creating her world, and pretending to live in it was a thoroughfare for all of my hopes and dreams as a kid.

Whatever I imagined Barbie doing, I wanted to do. Whatever Barbie looked like, I wanted to look like.

photo: Courtesy Mattel

But looking back, that was not always healthy, and in some small (or maybe big, who knows?) way, it shaped how I recognize beauty in myself and others.

These new Barbies tell us that beauty comes in more than one size. I can’t even imagine all the wonderful ways this small change will manifest in the girls of tomorrow.

I can say for sure that it’s a big leap in the mission to save my future daughter from the self-hate and impossible standards that I’ve wrestled with.

Thank you, Barbie.

Do more stuff like this, rest of the toy world!