Nordstrom made headlines for choosing to start grouping its plus-size and petite clothes in one place as opposed to splitting them up. This is amazing, y'all! No more having to take a shady escalator to find cute tops in a size 18! Holla!

But don't get TOO excited just yet.

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Nordstrom is only testing this out with one category of clothing — denim — and only in one location in Century City. We might have a bit to wait if we want total inclusivity.

However, what IS really cool is that Nordstrom is calling for all the brands it carries to start offering plus-size options. It's setting an example itself by extending its in-house lines to include more sizes, too. As a result, 62 labels have signed on to include plus sizes, including Topshop, Madewell, and Rag & Bone, according to Glamour.

The reason behind the new push for inclusivity is reportedly none other than Khloe Kardashian.

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Kardashian recently signed a deal with Nordstrom to feature the Good American denim line, on the condition that the department store purchase every size, and feature all the sizes together. Damn, girl.

Further evidence? She tweeted about needing to push for inclusivity.

We couldn't agree more: Women shouldn't be relegated to a dimly lit or less accessible part of a store just because of their size.

While this is a small step for total inclusivity, it's still a major leap for the retailer.

"We don't believe petite and plus should be categorized—they're just sizes," Tricia Smith, EVP of women's clothing at Nordstrom, told Glamour. "I think the fashion industry in general needs to commit itself to inclusivity, and I strongly believe it’s about time, to be honest. And hopefully, all brands and retailers will learn to pay closer attention to their customers."

We can't wait. 

Also, thanks, Khloe Kardashian.

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