Older women definitely can't be fashionable, let alone sexy when they are.

They clearly can't look hot AF in biknis.

Someone should probably tell model Nicola J. Griffin she has to quit her modeling job. 

Cleavage?! FORGET IT.


Sexy slit dresses? Can't rock those.

Sexy crop tops are off limits too.

And makeup will look awful with all those wrinkles.

They MUST cover up their tattoos for the safety of your eyes.

Because older women definitely can't look good in tight clothes.

LBDs will be a thing of the past once a woman is over 40.

And heaven knows they certainly can't look alluring in lingerie.


When a woman gets older, they lose all sense of style, and a style-less woman just ain't cute.

Better resign to a sexless, worthless life now. Because clearly after 40 it is all over anyway.

Clearly we're kidding. Age, size, race — none of these things make a woman sexy.

You know what does? A woman's own belief that she is sexy. No matter what society says, you don't have to look, act, or dress a certain way for anyone else's narrow definitions. 

Slay on, grandma!