Paris Jackson has never been shy about baring it all to make a statement. She's posed topless on her Instagram before to speak about nudity. She's openly rocked body hair. She celebrates her body in all its glory.

Jackson's most recent display of body love featured her "rolls."

"Comfortable with my rolls," she captioned the photo. "Fuck wit [sic] me."

As with her other Instagram posts, she disabled the comments. No one's opinion on her body matters, except for her own.

The photo features a glimpse of her tattoos, which she claims to have more than 50 of.

Many of her pieces feature musical artists, like Prince, John Lennon, David Bowie, and of course, her father.

Jackson has posed without a shirt before.

She posted a topless Instagram last month while she was hanging out in a tent in Joshua Tree.

She's also proudly flaunted her armpit hair and tattoos before.


We love that Jackson is so open about sharing her body — and how proud she is in her own skin — with her fans.