New York's Parsons School of Design is one of the top design schools in the world. A school like that must have all of the resources at its disposal, right?

Well, they do now. Up until last week, Parsons had just one plus-size mannequin, according to a petition by Nayyara Chue, a junior at the school. One mannequin, to be shared among 1,000 or so fashion-design students.

"The school should keep its word on housing the designers of tomorrow and adopting progressiveness as their motto; installing more plus-sized mannequins in our classrooms would open a lot of doors to emerging designers who believe in sizes higher than 8," Chue wrote.

Yvonne Watson, associate dean and associate professor of fashion at Parsons, told Refinery29 this past May that the school actually has 17 plus-size dress forms, including a size 18 and size 22, but the student-run newspaper reported that the rest are size 12, which Chue said "is hardly plus-size," since the average woman in the US is a size 14.

Chue's original goal for the petition was 150 signatures; as of today, she has more than 8,400 who believe in the cause and wrote in an update last week that "the issue has been resolved and students at Parsons are able to use plus-sized mannequins to create designs!"

She doesn't say how many new mannequins or dress forms the school plans to get (and notes they can run around $300-$400 each), but Revelist has reached out to Chue to see how Parsons plans to respond to the petition.

Now that's a passion for fashion if ever there was one.