When we think of fashion calendars, we think of sex appeal —  and too often, plus-size bodies are left out of the equation entirely. Enter Brianna McDonnell, The B Word blogger-in-chief who is celebrating plus-size women in a stunning, organic way: By creating an entire calendar featuring curvy bloggers, influencers, and friends. 

The images speak for themselves.

The calendar features 25 women whose bodies aren't typically seen in fashion calendars, which is exactly what McDonnell was going for.

“I love inspiring self-love and confidence in others, but I’m inspired every day by fashion,” McDonnell said in an interview with Mic. “I was obsessed growing up with Vogue, ELLE, V magazine. It’s the fantasy of fashion, the storytelling of editorial fashion spreads that I loved. The idea... came organically. Putting my love of fashion editorials, with my love of empowering and inspiring body confidence in women into one, affordable, tangible project for my following was the inevitable next step for #BeInYourSkin.”

Each woman included is "a boss in their field," as well as "kind, smart, funny, [and] creative."

Instead of featuring plus-size women in a crass or overtly sexy light, McDonnell focused on the diversity of the group and of the myriad bodies featured in the calendar. To her, it was about showing "creative, different, sexy, artful, strong, empowering" women, not vulgarity.

“It’s very rare to see a plus-size body in the media portrayed in an editorial way," McDonnell stated. "I found my confidence in fashion, that’s why I started blogging. I wanted to create something for plus-size women, where they could see themselves in the images. If they could see themselves in one of us, they too can be as strong, powerful and glamorous. It is about representation.”

We think these women look A+++++++.

The calendar retails for $19.99 to $29.99 and can be purchased here.