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The biggest reason? It destroys the illusion of aspiration.

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Luxury brands are trying to create a "dream," one that can apparently be shattered if worn by a curvy or plus-size woman.

“The luxury market is one that creates a universe, more than in the mass market," Carole Fiaux, US director of press agency Hopscotch Luxe, revealed. "Brands are trying to protect that universe and the dream they’re trying to convey."

Because that universe clearly cannot be appreciated by, loved, and bought into by women of all sizes.

The biggest loss doesn't come to the plus-size community.

It's not the plus-size community who has to suffer the most in this scenario; it's the designers.

According to NPD Group, spending for women's plus-size apparel just keeps rising. It's at $21.4 billion in 2016, which is a 6% jump from the previous year.

It goes to show that designers are just ignoring a massive, underserved market with serious spending power. 

That just doesn't make sense to us.