If you're anything like me, you're at a total impasse with the way you shop for clothes. Especially if, also like me, you're a size 14 or higher. I made a vow to myself that in 2019, I'd stop shopping at stores that don't cater to women above my size, and so far I've stuck to that — but I've also worked myself into a rut of shopping at the same handful of stores over and over again.

And as helpful and versatile mainstream stores such as Eloquii, ASOS Curve, and Boohoo are, everyone needs a little more variety in their life. It's also nice to devote some of your coin to a smaller, indie brand that deserves every bit of love it gets.

For that reason, I've rounded up my top 10 must-shop plus-size brands you might not have even heard of. Sorry in advance to your bank account.

Maree Pour Toi

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If you're into wearing A-line silhouettes, black and white stripes, and bright color styled in eye-catching ways, Maree Pour Toi definitely has some items that'll be up your alley. Exclusively providing clothing in size 12-24, this brand offers both office- and brunch-friendly outfits in the $60-150 range.


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Even if you think you haven't heard of this brand, you've definitely seen its minimal and colorful coordinating activewear outfits on your favorite influencers' Instagram pages. Its compressive, high-rise leggings and uber supportive sports bras come in just about every color imaginable from sizes XS to 3X.

Loud Bodies

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If glamour is your name, Loud Bodies is your game. If the you took the biggest fashion trends from the 1950s and put them in a blender with the edgy punk style of the '70s alongside modern casual minimalism, you'd get so many of this brand's flouncy dresses, which are available up to size 5X.

Tamara Malas

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Tamara Malas is a New York City-based designer who caters sizes from 14 to 32. You've likely seen her iconic Tess Printed Dress on many of your favorite influencers, including but not limited to Rosey Blaire, Jamie Hamilton, Jessica Torres, Charlotte Zoeller, and plenty of others.

Fashion To Figure

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Much like ASOS, Fashion to Figure is kind of a one-stop shop for just about any style need you might have. Whether you need a party dress, a new pair of everyday jeans, or a last-minute job interview blazer and slacks combo, this brand has it in sizes 0X-3X.


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Anyone looking to add a little panache to their wardrobe with understated yet innovative basics should hit up this brand immediately. Sizes 14-32 will find themselves at home here with a massive range of dresses, outerwear, office attire, and even lingerie.


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11Honore certainly runs on the more expensive side thanks to its roots in runway fashion, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth a follow. If you've got a massive formal even coming up (such as a wedding, a graduation, etc... 'tis the season!), this brand's chic as all heck dress selection will have you struggling to pick just one.

Alpine Butterfly Swim

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All plus-size women can attest that shopping for swimsuits is objectively, purely, the worst thing in the entire world. Many brands don't have plus-size swimsuits, and when they do they run comically small because LOL, fat shaming. That's not the case, however, with Alpine Butterfly, which stocks cute designs in sizes up to 5X.

Zelie for She

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Also on the pricier side, Zelie For She is kind of the Beyoncé of plus-size fashion brands. Items are revealed, dropped, and sold-out so quickly — a high testament to just how beautiful its clothing designs are. If your aesthetic is desert mirage meets rustic wedding ceremony, say hello to your new favorite Instagram account.


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If your main style goal is to make sure your outfit looks like nothing else that is being worn in the room you're in, take a peek through JIBRI's almost alarmingly original pieces. Not only are its patterns bold, eye-catching, and unique, but its silhouettes are even more so.

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