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I'm still recovering from Kelly Clarkson owning the Billboard Music Awards in her Maleficent-inspired look, but she wasn’t the only memorable body-positive moment that night. Although it’s long overdue, we’re finally seeing plus-size celebrities and influencers get their time on the red carpet, and luckily, last night's award show was no exception. 

Bloggers and influencers like GabiFreshPatrick Starrr, and Kellie Brown of @itsmekellieb absolutely KILLED the red carpet.

Wearing bright colors that showed off their curves, each influencer broke plus-size style rules in their own way. 

Brown wore a yellow dress with shoulder cutouts and a high slit, while GabiFresh opted for a sheer green gown with hot pants and a strappy bra. Starrr's look also showed off his legs while demonstrating how you don't have to play by gender norms. 

It's important for viewers to see plus-size influencers of color in bold looks, since those chosen to walk the red carpet can hold a lot of impact on popular culture. 

Brown also shared a flawless slo-mo of the trio with the caption, "thick thighs thriving," and Instagram fell in love.

Let's hope we see Brown, GabiFresh, and Starrr on more red carpets this year!

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