Social media has undoubtedly altered our perception of reality. And for any woman struggling with her self-confidence, a lazy scroll through Instagram could completely send her spiraling.

Up and coming plus-size model Jess Rae King, who has been prominently featured in Simone Perele luxury lingerie ads, posted a selfie on Thursday, December 22, to help combat those socially inspired insecurities.

Posting this epic side-by-side, King quickly shattered the illusions of perfect Instagram bodies:

...Probably a good time to remember that most people are only sharing their highlight reels — half of them won't show that breakout or bad hair day ... I'm totally guilty of this too — assuming that people only want to see the glamorous side of modeling instead of the unfiltered, un-photoshopped, mind fuck it can be. TBH — I'm more the girl on the right pulling hideous faces on Snapchat and looking like a giant thumb than the filtered, in the makeup chair for two hours glamour woman on the left. It's fun to be that girl every now and then — but it's not who I am 24/7.

King has called out Instagram illusions before, telling her followers that every photo isn't exactly what it appears to be.

"So what is the difference between these two pics? No I didn't lose five kilos or photoshop the shit out of myself — instead of standing relaxed on the left, I sucked in, pulled up my pants, pushed my hips back and stood with my legs apart to give myself a thigh gap. I even positioned my collar bone to the light to make it stick out more. Crazy."

As a survivor of body dysmorphia, King strives to be a body-positive advocate for women of every size.

On her blog, she's called out fat shamers just as quickly as she has skinny shamers, and believes sincerely that celebrating one body type doesn't happen through putting another down.

Thanks, Jess Rae King, for the reminders and for celebrating ALL women !