While Kim Kardashian is an influential icon, she's not exactly the queen of body positivity. Sure, we respect and applaud her stances on gun control and slut-shaming, but for every woke Kim moment, there's one where she fat-shames herself. 

If you're a fan of Kardashian's style but don't necessarily relate to her body, these plus-size models have a similar style — but adapted for a different body.

Nadia Aboulhosn has the Kardashian seal of approval.

The model and designer has her own eponymous body-positive clothing line of bodycon dresses, sheer dusters, and bodysuits. 

The model was featured in Good American ads, which is the ultimate Kardashian kompliment.

She even has the same icy platinum blonde hair as Kim.

Sure, it might be a wig (both for Kim and Aboulhosn) but worth noting.

But Aboulhosn's love for wearing blazers with no tops underneath is her ultimate Kim-like tendency.

It's quite the ~lewk.~

Plus-size model Diana Sirokai literally copied a shoot of Kim's.

And both of them looked flawless.

Her love of strappy black bathing suits is 100% Kim.

Slay all day, bb.

Nicole Simone of @curvesonabudget13 can rock the hell out of a bodycon midi dress.

Except hers is from Rebdolls, and Kim's are a bajillion dollars.

That makeup look is straight out of Kim's playbook.

They have THE SAME brows!

Then, there's Candice Kelly.

The plus-size model can clearly nail Kim's signature latex looks.

Pretty sure Kim has something exactly like this in her closest.


Who can forget Paloma Elsesser?

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The curve model has obtained a seal of approval arguably even more coveted than a Kardashian's — Rihanna's. Elsesser has been featured in campaigns for Fenty Beauty, and has booked gigs with Glossier, Pat McGrath, and Nike.

Her "cool girl" vibe is enviable AF.

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If Rihanna approves, so do we.

Everything about Gabi Gregg's sheer outfit is flawless.

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Kim definitely wore the EXACT same look on a night out. 

We'd seriously be surprised if Kim doesn't have this set in her collection.

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Duster included.

Model Tabria Majors definitely has Kim's glow down pat.

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The model will also appear in the new Sports Illustrated Swim Issue, an honor we think Kim would definitely be a fan of.

Bikini and booty game = 100.

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The first time I saw this photo, I seriously thought that was Kimmy herself.

Both Kim and Majors can rock the hell out of a semi-sheer bodysuit.

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The coziest look of all time.

The hair might be more Kris Jenner, but the look is all @GarnerStyle.

Although we could totally see Kim in this sparkly co-ord set.

Black bikini booty boomerangs are SO Kim (and Valentine).

Loey Lane's contour and fluttery lashes make her a total Kim lookalike.

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We bet Kim would wear that marble two-piece set to work out in, too.

That's definitely a Kim-worthy glow.

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Though Kim would probably opt for a nude lipstick.

We couldn't forget about Candice Huffine.

Doesn't she look just like Kim here?

The model is also an activewear designer.

We have a feeling Huffine's line, Day/Won, would definitely be a favorite for everyone in the Kardashian clan.

Precious Lee got Kim's signature full lashes, megawatt highlight, and nude lip down.

The IMG-signed model appeared on the Addition Elle runway alongside Ashley Graham.

Lee's love of mesh and figure-hugging skirts is very Kim indeed.

We dig it.

Marquita Pring might be more Kendall than Kim in that top, but she's still FIRE.

And both Kendall and Pring look fly in it, too.

That GLOW, though.

Pring got that signature strobe SO right.

Model Alessandra Garcia-Lorido isn't just a Kardashian lookalike, she's a style icon in her own right.

She also walked for Christian Siriano, which gives her a million brownie points in our book.

Her love of athleisure is very Kardashian-like.

Same with her sleek, straight, shiny hair.

Finally, there's the flawless Denise Bidot.

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The platinum hair might not be real, but that style is soooooo on-point.

Doesn't her top remind you of Kim's Met Gala look?

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So iconic — and flawless, just like all the ladies above.