#1: PLUS-SIZE WOMEN CAN'T DRESS WELL | Um, have you seen Everything Curvy & Chic blogger Chante Burkett's style game?!

#2: THEY CAN'T SLAY IN A LEAD ROLE | I guess Melissa McCarthy didn't get that memo. She's the THIRD highest paid actress in Hollywood, according to Forbes magazine.

Source: Forbes 

#3: THEY SHOULDN'T WEAR BIKINIS | Don't make me pull out my two-piece now.

#4: THEY CAN'T FIND LOVE... UNLESS THEY LOSE WEIGHT | You don't fall in love with a jean size, you fall in love with a person.

#5: MAGAZINE COVERS? NEVER | Point your eyeballs to exhibit A, B, and C. Boom.

#6: THEY SHOULD ONLY WEAR BLACK: Aw hell nah. See below if you believe this bull.

#7: THEY DON'T EXERCISE: We get physical and we look cute doing it. Deal with it.

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