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Summer and all it's hot, sticky glory is right around the corner — if it hasn't arrived early as it is. And that means it's time to toss your long sleeves, boots, and non-breathable fabrics to the side for a few months and trade 'em in for shorts, flow-y silhouettes, and open-toed shoes.

Luckily, putting summer outfits together is so easy; all it takes is a few good staple pieces and couple accessories. So, to celebrate summer's long-anticipated arrival, we've rounded up all of our favorite must-have pieces for women size 14 and above.

Pilcro Pedal Pusher High-Rise Skinny Jeans ($98, Anthropologie)

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Hip-slinging cut-off that bare everything to the world are frankly highly overrated. Defeat chub run for good this season by opting for a pair fo shorts that let your stems breathe without revealing you... ahem, assets to everyone you know.

Nancy Grace Midi Skirt ($40, Loud Bodies)

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Because even goth queens need to have a little brightly colored summer fun. This midi skirt from indie brand Loud Bodies goes perfectly with any tank, graphic tee, cami, or whatever top you like to wear when it's sweltering outside.

Tess Striped Knit Dress ($150, Anthropologie)

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The best thing about summer is that you can put in the bare minimum effort into outfits and no one will notice or judge. Pulling on this basic striped dress, a pair of sneakers or sandals, and a hat or bag will have your looking cute and out the door in minutes.

Smocked Waist Dress ($80, Eloquii)

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Revamp your day-to-night game with this dress that works for most work spaces, bars, parties, dates, and more. 

Edena Denim Overall Jumpsuit ($45, Fashion To Figure)

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You truly can't understand the pure comfort and ease of overalls until you've tried them yourself. You can pair this tight-fit pair with a bralet or just about any shirt — the best part? You never have to worry about your pants falling down.

Mackenzie Striped Wide-Leg Pants ($130, Anthropologie)

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Not only do these green and white striped pants make a major fashion statement, but they're pretty much the definition of breezy comfort. Just imagine how well you'll be able to feel every cool summer breeze with a leg this wide.

Greta Gingham Dress ($160, Anthropologie)

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Have a summer afternoon date? Brunch with friends at a nice restaurant? Want to look cute just because? There's a dress for that, and it's this '50s-esque gingham number with a high neck and midi length.

Simply Be Wide Fit Isabel Block Heeled Sandal ($35, ASOS)

wide fit sandals
photo: ASOS

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Everyone needs a solid pair of summer sandals because sometimes it's just to hot to bother with laces or anything closed-toe. This pair features a heel low enough to keep your comfortable with a big 'ol buckle for added flair.

Sleeveless Cropped Jumpsuit ($90, Eloquii)

eloquii jumpsuit
photo: Eloquii

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A soft and comfy jumpsuit is absolutely necessary for keeping cool and while looking polished — especially on work days. Layer this Eloquii piece with T-shirts for the office or why it by itself on days you want to bare it all.

Allie Chambray Shorts ($27, Fashion To Figure)

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Like we said before, denim cutoffs are over. Stay even cooler and stride through summer chafe-free with this high-waisted pair with a breathable fabric the summer wind can breeze right on through.

Plunge One-Piece Swimsuit ($89, Anthropologie)

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There will never be a time in your life when a black one-piece swimsuit is ever out of style. This new one from Anthropologie's plus-size collection with a halter neckline and plunging V front hits all the sweet spots.

GabiFresh Platinum Belted High Waist Underwire Bikini ($82, Swimsuits For All)

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So maybe one pieces aren't your thing. Might we suggest this all-white underwire bikini from Swimsuits For All's latest collaboration with GabiFresh? It even comes complete with a belt that'll keep all your bits and bobs secure while you run down the beach without a care.

Marée Pour Toi Compression Skinny Pants ($79, Nordstrom)

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Because most of us still gotta work during the hot summer months. If your office is more of a corporate/formal environment, update your look by trading your regular black, gray, or blue slacks for a spicy red pair with enough stretch to remain comfy.

Piura Top ($60, Anthropologie)

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Consider this breezy shirt your Swiss Army knife of summer tops. It's button-up front, loose fit, and breathable fabric lend themselves to comfort while its structured shoulders and sleeves remain polished enough for work.

Wide Fit Favoured Leather Flat Sandals ($29, ASOS)

asos wide fit sandals
photo: ASOS

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Again — sometimes summer just gets so hot you can't be bothered to put together a look. That's what mules are for. Just slide 'em right on and you're done, no effort required.

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