Women are slowly gaining ground when it comes to positive representation in movies, comics, and TV. Today, there's news that big-budget superhero movies are about to get more body diverse, too — Deadline reports that Sony Pictures is moving forward with an adaptation of Valiant Comics superhero story "Faith."

"Faith" will be the first ever plus-size superheroine to get her own movie. Yes! If you're not caught up on the comics, here's what you should know about Faith.

"Faith" is the story of Faith Herbert, a lifelong comic book fan, sci-fi geek and fantasy lover who always read about superheroes and loved them.

Then one day she got superpowers of her own, and got to be the superhero she always dreamed of.

Far from being a brooding or tortured hero, Faith is bubbly and positive.

She’s out on her own as an adult for the first time in a new city, trying to make her mark on the world as a person and as a superhero.

And Faith's powers are pretty cool! She has psychic powers, and can fly — as well as utilize something called a "companion field"

Judy Houser, who writes "Faith," explains her powers like this:

"She’s what is called a “psiot,” so her powers are psychically based. In the previous Valiant series “Harbinger,” her powers were unlocked by a fellow psiot named Peter Stanchek. She joined up with Peter and a group of other teenage psiots, who called themselves the Renegades, who fought to bring down the corporations that were trying to manipulate the psiots for their own purposes."

Faith is a very popular character in the comic world, because she represents something that a lot of people haven't seen before — a plus-size superhero who is happy, capable, and bad ass!

Making a movie that stars a plus-size female hero is a crucial step towards making the superhero genre more inclusive — and that's amazing.

The "Faith" movie doesn't yet have a release date, but we'll update you when it does.