When you're plus-size, particularly a plus-size woman, people like to tell you all of the things you can't do. What you can't wear, what you can't be good at — the list goes on. 

For every fat girl who's ever bought into that nonsense, take a page from this teen's book. 

Lizzy Howell, a 15-year-old dancer, twirls on her haters with grace and ease — and also has an insanely mature outlook about any hate that comes her way. (Click for video.)

"I've had so many mean and hateful comments it's hard to count," she told Revelist. "I just laugh them off; if they took time out of their day to comment about you, you must be special."

This dancing queen has been at it since she was five years old, and despite naysayers, has since gone on to earn scholarships and garner attention from some pretty notable figures.

lizzy dances
photo: Instagram/lizzy.dances

"Niecy Nash recently posted my turning video, and messaged me on Instagram saying how I was an inspiration. Maesi Caes from 'Dance Moms' has also told me I was an inspiration. Erik Cavanaugh DMed me on Instagram, and 'Pretty Big Movement' (the plus-size dancers all over Facebook) asked me to go to New York to shoot with them!" 

Though the world got to know her through her ballet skills, her favorite styles are tap and jazz.

photo: Instagram/lizzy.dances

"Broadway is a lifelong dream," she said — but no matter what happens, she knows she always wants dancing to be part of her life. Her future plans?

"More realistically, I would like to be a dance teacher."

And with a spirit like hers, we don't doubt she'll continue to slay the dance world at any size she happens to be.

To the kids who are told they shouldn't dance, do what you love. People shouldn't have an opportunity to change your life, and make you do something you do not like. 

Twirl on, girl! You're truly an inspiration.

Additional reporting by Jessica Torres.