Hey, clothing companies: Stop using straight-size models and thin women to portray plus-size clothing. It's insulting, degrading, and frankly, there are plenty of plus-size models who would do a much better job of it.

Wish.com is trying to sell plus-size tights by having straight-size models place their whole bodies in them.

Wish selling plus size tights
photo: Wish

Who could've possibly approved this?

If Wish was trying to show how stretchy the tights are, this would've been a fine photo to use. However, showing a thin woman in a garment meant for plus-size people is degrading. 

Models are putting either both their legs in one leg, or stretching the tights over their entire bodies.

Wish tights
photo: Wish

Could you really not find a plus-size model to model these, Wish?

Is this supposed to inspire us to buy these tights?

Wish tights
photo: Wish

Showing how small a straight-size model looks in plus-size clothes is disturbing and insulting. It looks like a weight loss ad — so much so, that we wouldn't be surprised to see this photo floating around for a major diet pill or for some trendy new in-home workout machine.

Unfortunately, Wish is far from the first retailer to use straight-size women to exaggerate plus-size clothing.

Just this past May, Amazon got dragged on social media for having thin models stand with both legs inside one pant leg to demonstrate just how stretchy the leggings were. 

While Wish has yet to take down either post, we won't be surprised if it never does. The images above are listed multiple times throughout the site, probably because they're sold by different sellers.

Then again, if this is the image it uses to sell men's pantyhose, can we really expect much?

photo: Wish

Better luck next time, Wish.