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There's a pretty famous (and highly debatable) fashion rule most women follow: Don't wear white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Unfortunately, plus-size women are often expected to live by another debatable fashion rule: Don't wear white AT ALL. 

The crisp, summery look is usually described as a color that makes curvier bodies "look bigger" as opposed to a sleek black ensemble. But the truth is, that's an old way of thinking — and plus-size women should show up in whatever color works for them.

Here are some of our favorite curvy and plus-size women slaying in white:

Curvy girls are unapologetically wearing white in every style imaginable.

They have no fear in showing the rest how it's done.

Even celebrities are in on it, like "Orange Is The New Black" star Cindy Hayes.

cindy hayes oitnb
photo: Splash

You know Tess Holliday is never one to follow a "fashion rule."

Each one of these ladies proves colors are not made for just one body type.

plus size white oufits
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After all, fashion is subjective.

And what you put on your body is *really* no one else's business.

That's why Mindy Kaling has worn white on the red carpet more than once.

mindy kaling red carpet
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And Lizzo clapped back with an all-white lingerie look.

White bathing suits work, too.

YES, Nadia.

Just think of how good white looks with a ~red lip.~

ashley graham fashion
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Or how good it looks with black sunglasses.

leslie jones fashion
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It works for elegant red carpet looks, too.

melissa mccarthy red carpet
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Or anything more casual.

It even works for a ~day to night~ look.

The next time someone says white isn't flattering, just show them these photos.

They're photographic proof the color was MADE for curvy bodies. 

If Oprah doesn't convince you, nothing will.

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