Kate Wasley, a plus model, and Georgia Gibbs, a straight-size model, are best friends. And while the two bonded over a shared career, they're also bonding over a shared mission.

Their new social-media initiative, which they call "Any Body," aims to make the fashion industry more inclusive of the bodies brands use as models.

"We believe working together appeals to a wide variety of women and reinforces our belief that any body shape is beautiful, regardless of your size," Gibbs told The Daily Telegraph.

"That’s when we clicked onto the idea that people actually aren’t used to seeing images of women of different sizes together and being OK with it.”

Any Body believes "there's no size standard for the modern woman," according to its Instagram page.

Any Body launched earlier this week and already has more than 14,000 followers.

What Wasley and Gibbs have a problem with is the way that fashion brands only try to appeal to one demographic at a time.

“It’s always women of similar sizes put next to each other, especially in the modeling world," Wasley told The Daily Telegraph, "when in reality, if you look around, no one body is the same — not in shape, color, markings, [or] features.”

It still remains to be seen exactly what Gibbs and Wasley have in mind for the future of Any Body.

Hopefully the campaign will bring in as much diversity in body ability, race, and ethnicity as it will in size — now that's a campaign we'd truly be excited for.

h/t The Daily Telegraph